If you can’t keep your kids away from computer game or can’t tell them not to spend much time on internet. Why don’t you just guide them to where you know it’s fun and safe for children.

Recently launched eco-oriented online edutainment for kids ‘Ecobuddies.com’ is a safe online virtual world where your children can socialize, play games, create avatars, enjoy purchase and customize things. It was designed for kids aged between 5 – 12.  Log on for them and start instilling green values in your kids at  www.ecobuddies.com.

Source: greenlivingideas.com

Photo: ecobuddies.com

Gernmany's Black ForestWonders of Nature

The voting of New 7 Wonders of Nature is coming to the final round. Announced by the New7Wonders Foundation on July 21, 2009, 28 names of the finalist were chosen by panel of experts based on its unique beauty, ecological significance, and historical legacy. (There are 261 landmarks all over the world suggested and it was cut down to 77 nominees by polling in an early stage.)

The finalists includes Amezon Rainforest, Dead Sea, Galapagos, Great Barrier Reef, Halong Bay and Black Forest just to name a few (of course you can see the full list of the finalists in www.new7wonders.com).

You can also vote by internet (simply log in to the website) or phone before the winners will be announced in 2011.

All I hope now is the wonders still be wonders after all these has passed.  Tourism will not harm the nature, will it?

Source: nationalgeographic.com, new7wonders.com, AP News

Photo: nationalgeographic.com, new7wonders.com