Conservationists of Koh Yao appear in the court for Chonglad Forest case

August 26, 2009 – Coordinator of Andaman Organisation for Participatory Restoration of National Resource reported that in mid December 2007, more than 30 members of Natural Resources Preservation Group of Baan Yamee assembled and went into the Chonglad National Forest to observe the area after they saw there were backhoe tractors demolishing the forest. After that, in February 2008 17 villagers of Baan Yamee received a subpoena from Koh Yao Police Station for the accusation of trespassing on land or disturbing the peace during other’s repossession and theft or receiving stolen property.

Recently, Natural Resources Preservation Group of Baan Yamee, Koh (Yao Yai Sub-district, Phang-nga Province) together with Natural Resources Preservation Network of Baan Taasanook (Tabpud Sub-district) and Baan Naingob-Kuanka in the Province of Phang-nga totally 50 people were in a parade to give moral support to those conservation’s mainstay which was accused by Naracha Co, Ltd. After Kittikorn Panprayoon who sit on the bench as a judge the court has examinen each ground, he considers to make an appoinment for the to reconconcilation again on November 30 2009 at 9am.

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