Phuket coral reef squadrons were destroyed

25 August 2009 – Trawl fishing boats now destroy the largest coral reef squadrons in the world after singing in November last year.

Chief of Cherngtalay LAO Manoach Panchalard unveiled that soft coral reefs in Bangtao, Cherngtalay are destroyed by trawl fishing boats. One of coral reef squadrons is broken while another one is tare.

After receiving damaged artificial coral reef information from many divers, Manoach promptly assigns all related organization to solve this problem.

Fifty-thousand THB is now allocated while the area will be announced for a forbidden ground.

Lastly no one achieves any goals without a good cooperation among fishermen, government, and of course local people.

Chief of Cherngtalay LAO also ensured that within 2 years, Bangtao coral reef squadrons will be known and popular among tourists.


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