PPAO Medical Outreach Team (Phuket Care) in Sri Suntron Subdistrict


President Advisor Boonserm Suwannarathphoom together with Council Member Sithichok Dechapiban, on February 23 led a medical outreach team “Phuket Care” in visiting the homes of patients suffering from disability and chronic illness in Sri Suntorn subdistrict in Thalang. Joining them were Dr Harinat Hattayapirom as well a team of health officers, nurses and therapists from PPAO Hospital, officials from PPAO Health Division, staff from Vachira Phuket Hospital, and local health volunteers from Sri Suntorn subdistrict. During this visit, PPAO donated gift packs containing items of hygiene (sanitary towels,  soap, towels) to six patients.

Phuket Care medical outreach program was established by PPAO who work regularly in collaboration with local health volunteers, with the aim of supporting housebound patients suffering from chronic illnesses or disability. The secondary aim is to encourage volunteers to play a bigger role in looking after patients in their own community so that the patients and families can lead a reasonably normal life and are able to look after themselves. This strong support system is invaluable and gives strength to patients and the disabled. The program also aims to develop a sense of public service and compassion among members of the community. If you know someone who needs such support, please contact the Public Health Division of PPAO at 076 354 819, 076 354 820.

Or Bor Jor Sanjorn (Mobile Service Clinic) In Khum Nam Bang Maruan, Sri Suntorn Subdistrict


The Or Bor Jor Sanjorn fair (Mobile Service Clinic) was launched at the Khum Nam Bang Maruan public park in Sri Suntorn subdistrict on the morning of Saturday, February 21. The opening event was hosted by Governor Nisit Jansomwong with President Paiboon Upattising delivering an opening speech. The launch was witnessed by PPAO officials, Sri Suntorn Mayor Worawut Songyot, invited guests and members of the public.

PPAO officials present were: Vice President Soratham Jinda, President Advisor Boonserm Suwannarathphoom, Chief Administrator Watcharin Pathomwattanapong, Council Chairman Theera Jiasakul, Council members and other officials. According to Mr Paiboon, Or Bor Jor Sanjorn is an ongoing project organized by PPAO various Phuket communities. For this even, which the second of the fiscal year 2015, PPAO works in collaboration with Sri Suntorn Municipality. The objectives are to promote people’s participation and for PPAO officials to meet the community on the grassroots level in order to tailor future public work projects that will directly answer the people’s needs. The event also aims to entertain and establish unity among members of communities following the instructions by the National Reform Council. Other government and private agencies have given support to the event. This includes the navy band from Third Naval Area Command, entertainment and stage shows by student groups and local clubs. Altogether, 50 service stations have been set up by government and private sectors to give a variety of free services to the community. Central to the event is the “people forum” which provides opportunities for members of the public to suggest new ideas and plans for future public works. Governor Nisit reiterated all points listed by President Paiboon, above, and ended his speech by thanking PPAO. He hoped the organization would continue to hold more beneficial activities such as this one in the future.

PPAO Takes Part In 2014 Ordinary Meeting Of Phuket Social Security Fund

IMG_7871 (1)

Representing PPAO, President Advisor Jeerasak Tortip on February 20 took part in the annual ordinary meeting of the Phuket Social Security Fund held at the Social Development and Human Security Phuket Office. President of the Phuket Disabled Society Sawai Promjinda chaired the meeting.

First on the agenda was the financial and operation report of the previous year. The meeting learned that as of December 31, 2014 the Phuket Social Security Fund has a fund of 483,029.50 baht deposited in a saving account at Krung Thai Bank, Phuket branch, account number 850-1-21457. The organization has raised 150,000 baht from a charity concert event New-Jew taking place on December 29, 2014, out of which amount 100,000 baht was donated to the Office of the Education Council Phuket (via the Governor), and 20,000 towards the organization of the Social Security Day event. Additionally, the chairman of the meeting proposed the establishment of a service center for the local disabled, located near the Social Development and Human Security Phuket Office. The meeting unanimously agreed on this last item of business.

PPAO President Takes Part In Thalang Memorial Committee Meeting


President Paiboon on February 18 took part at the second Thalang Memorial committee meeting chaired by Governor Nisit Jansomwong, at the Phuket Provincial Hall. Involved officials attended the meeting as well as Mrs Wasana Sriwilai, Director of Engineering Division of PPAO.

Thalang memorial was constructed with the aim to honor the two local heroines – Lady Thep Kasattri and Lady Sri Suntorn. Most of the construction has been completed. The meeting discussed works still have to be done and other businesses as discussed in the committee meeting on October 24, 2014. The meeting agreed to draw up a proposal for a further funding under the fiscal year 2015. Other businesses included: repair works for the area surrounding the memorial, responsible bodies to work on the landscaping around the Nine Heroes monument, additional fencing, and all involved units whose remits fall within the memorial ground were requested to report any construction projects planned for the area.

PPAO Holds Press Conferance On Chinese New Year 2015 Celebration


Leading Phuket government officials, Governor Nisit Jansomwong together with President Paiboon Upattising on February 14 held a press conference at the Phuket Garden Hotel. Together, they announced the planned Chinese New Year activities, which will take place on Thursday, February 19, from 5 pm onward, at Sanamchai ground in Phuket Town.

Funded by PPAO, the Chinese New Year celebration, which has been organized now for five years continuously, marks the auspicious time as well as unity of all sectors. The year 2015 is represented by the goat, one of the Chinese astrological signs, which symbolizes abundance and prosperity. The primary aim of the celebration, said Mr Paiboon, was to honor the King who is the beloved of all the nation. The event features fun and entertaining activities designed to bring back happiness to the people as well as raising income for local traders and boost tourism. The President reminded the media that Chinese tourists now outnumber any other visitors to the island and as such Phuket must hold world-class activities to receive them and to prepare well for the upcoming AEC. Roughly translated as “celestial glory protects the community,” the celebration will feature many displays reflecting the symbolism of year of the goat and bringing luck to the spectators. Beautifully decorated exhibitions include: the gate of abundance, the road to prosperity, HM the King’s area showing photos of His Majesty’s visit to Phuket, over ten sets of performance by the award-winning China National Acrobatic Troop from Beijing entitled “The Splendid,” local food stalls, craft and souvenir stalls, children area, Chinese language tuition for young people, and Chinese craft making and brush paining, free health check provided by PPAO Hospital. Last but not least, there will be a concert performance by Getsunova featuring popular MC Ying Kanya Raiwin. Governor Nisit added that he was delighted to see that the Phuket community and PPAO still value traditions by celebrating Chinese New Year. Only four provinces in Thailand are known to hold lavish Chinese New Year celebration and Phuket is one of them. This magnificent and world-class event, said the Governor is the first celebration of the year 2015, a gift to everyone from the Phuket authorities and PPAO.

PPAO Supports Vocational Traning To Prepare Hospitality Professionals For Asean


President Paiboon Upattising on February 16 opened a training program to prepare hospitality professionals for ASEAN, at Phuket Merlin Hotel in Phuket Town.

PPAO officials present: President Advisor Boonserm Suwannarathphoom, Chief Administrator Watcharin Pathom Wattanapong, Council Deputy Chairman Prasan Prateen Na Thalang, Council Member Somkid Supap and other officials. Attended by 200 participants from local hotel operators, the course is taught by Weerachai Srikajorn, director of Thailand Professional Qualification Institute, Prateep Gulu, deputy of Phuket Manufacturers and Exporters Association, and Darawan Jinda. According to Mr Watcharin, one of PPAO core policy is to develop a lifelong learning program for the community so as to raise their standard of living and career potential. Organized under the larger umbrella program entitled “Learning Activities to prepare for ASEAN,” the course aims to raise the standard and income potential of professionals working in hospitality fields so that they can enter the ASEAN job market with confidence. Some components of the course also educate participants in employees’ rights and welfare benefits. President Paiboon remarked that with an increasing competition, both nationally and internationally, in the field of hospitality and tourism, operators need to prepare themselves well to be ahead of the game. He cited the number of tourism to Phuket, which has increased to 13M per year as opposed to 12M in the previous years. Fifty per cent of tourists, said the President, now prefer to book hotel rooms online. Hotels must prepare themselves to reflect the change in tourism trend. The course, intended for staff from hotels which pays rates to PPAO, would benefit the hotels in the long run and contribute to sustainable tourism, said the President. Mr Paiboon also urged the hotel operators to send staff for treatment at PPAO Hospital, which welcomes patients who subscribed to the national social security insurance. PPAO Hospital, he said, is a quality institution treating at present over 1,000 patients per day. This year, the hospital will add 27 beds to its existing facilities. PPAO is the first national administrative office, which has collected up to 100 M baht in revenue derived from hotel taxes. The organization intends to use the fund to benefit local tourism by organizing training programs in marketing, tourism promotion and raising potential of hospitality staff. “This is a special course intended for those hotels which pay taxes to PPAO. Operators should be proud to have contributed to the society and I believe participants will reap the full benefits from the course,” said the President.

PPAO Promotes Line Dance Fitness Event



Representing PPAO, Council Member and President of the Phuket Sports Association Saroj Angkanapilas delivered opening speech at a mass line dance fitness event at the Sunday walking street market in Thalang Road on the evening of February 15. The event was launched by Phuket City Mayor Somjai Suwannasupana while Don Limnanthapisit, chairman of the Phuket Old Town Association, gave a welcoming speech. Also present was Supasak Nunsak, chair of Phuket Aerobic Muai Thai Line Dance Association. Invited guests and members of local fitness clubs took part at the event, whose byword roughly translates as “unite love, strength of mind and one nation.”

Remarking on the benefits of line dance, Mr Saroj said the aerobic line dance is a fitness program of choice for many people as it conditions many parts of the body and accompanied with music, is fun and relaxing to do. The Sunday walking street market on Thalang road is a popular venue frequented by locals and visitors. To make it even more lively and fun, the Aerobic Muai Thai Line Dance and other local fitness clubs have been approached to organize a mass fitness dance event which can be taken part by market goers.

PPAO President Guest Of Honor At Daorung Wittaya School 60th Anniverary And Alumni Celebration


President Paiboon Upattising was among guests of honor at the celebration of Daorung Wittaya School’s 60th anniversary and alumni celebration on the evening of February 14 at Daorung Wittaya School in Phuket Town. Minister Sommai Phasee of the Ministry of Finance presided over the opening ceremony while chairman of the event Kriangsak Suksomboon and the school director Vicar Jeerasak Yongbantom delivered opening and welcoming speeches respectively. Apart from Mr Paiboon, other guests of honor included Vice Governor Panlop Singhasenee. A number of invited guests, alumni, teachers, parents and students attended the event.

Daorung Wittaya School was founded 60 years ago in 1954. The event celebrates achievements of the school and its students both past and present. Activities included ceremony to pay respect to teachers past and present, period drama reminiscent of early years of the school, screening of school pictures, entertainment performed by teachers and students.

Honoring Abbot Of Wat Monkol Nimit For His Preferment


Governor Nisit Jansomwong on February 11 led government officials in paying respect to Phra Kru Metta Pirom (Wirat), abbot of the royal temple Wat Thep Nimit, and to congratulate him on his preferment to the higher Sangkha rank by royal decree on December 5, 2014.

PPAO officials present were: President Advisor Boonserm Suwannarathphoom, Council Chairman Theera Jiasakul and Council Member Opas Chopdee. Phra Kru Metta Pirom blessed all the officials present.

Phuket Grand Concert Event To Reform And Advance Thailand


Phuket authorities led by Governor Nisit Jansomwong on February 14 swore allegiance to Their Majesties the King Bhumibol and Queen Sirikit on the occasion of the launch of NCPO-initiated reformation concert taking place at Sapan Hin main stage.

President Paiboon Upattising and Council Members Theera Jiasakul took part at the occasion. The event was participated by representatives from government agencies, private sectors, public organizations, and members of the public. Of note was the artists from the cable television channel Vetheethai and its president Kosit Suwinitjit.

PPAO Supports Recreational Activitles For Families And Society


President Paiboon Upattising on February 14 hosted the launch of a religious day event (recreational activities for families and society) at Sala Prachakhom Hall in PPAO offices. The event was attended by PPAO officials, members of the Phuket Christian churches, and invited guests.

PPAO officials present: President Advisor Boonserm Suwannarathphoom, Chief of Education, Religion, and Culture Division Ouiporn Sakultan. Recreational fair is collaboration between PPAO and the Phuket Christian Churches Association. Taking place every weekend from February 14 to March 8, the event provides leisure activities for family members to enjoy together. Vicar Thikun Papsaneh, President of the Phuket Christian Churches Association, believes that happy families form a foundation for a quality society. Activities during the fair include: art for young people, vocational skills trainings, health promotion, and music in the garden, among others. The fair is free and the general public is welcome to take part. Vicar Thikun in his speech thanked President Paiboon for his continual support to the local Christian churches. President Paiboon thanked all local Christians who he said turned Sala Prachakhom into a place of loving kindness. He also thanked the Phuket Christian Churches Association for its good work for the society. The President urged all attended to give and receive love freely on this Valentine’s Day. The greatest love of all, he said, is the love Jesus Christ gave to mankind.

PPAO President Guest Of Honor At CHarity Boxing Matches


A charity boxing event organized by Phuket Women’s Volunteer Defense Corps was held on the evening of February 14 at Suan Maprao Market in Rawai subdistrict. Deputy Governor Pakpoom Intarasuwan hosted the launch with President Paiboon Upattising as guest of honor. President Paiboon was accompanied by Council Secretary Kraiwut Kumban.

According to the chairwoman of the Corps, Porntip Lohkaeo, the charity boxing matches aimed to raise fund for the organization’s expenditures. The event also helped train volunteers in fighting and self-defense skills deemed necessary for defense corps members who work as auxiliary forces for the Territorial Defense Department both during war and peacetime. The matches, said Mrs Porntip, encouraged cooperation among members of the society.