Another sea turtle was found on Kata beach

Mrs Patcharaporn Kaewmong, a vet of Marine Endangered Species Unit, Marine Biological Research Centre Phuket Marine Biological Center (PMBC) revealed that on 31st August the locals detected a turtle stranded at shore of Kata beach close to the point which another injured turtle has been found a day before and notified the unit. Therefore the officers went out to examine and assist.

The roughly 5-year-old green turtle with 8 kilograms in weight but without visible wounds is believed to be sick from the inside. The vet prescribed sedatives and antibiotics to the turtle to treat the drowsiness.

Meanwhile, an olive ridley turtle that missing its flipper because of the fishing trawl floating in the sea on 30th August evening is now closely watched over by the vet. It is seriously injured and needs a blood exam. The turtle now has been prescribed sedatives, antibiotics and some vitamins.

Turtles which was found stranded at the shore are mostly because of sickness and injury from the fishing equipments. The Marine Endangered Species Unit is now taking care of more than 10 turtles that was hit and injured by the fishing net.

A marine biologist of PMBC, Kongkiat Kittiwattanawong, said that there are more than 10 turtles were found on Phuket’s beach in August. This is because of Phuket are during monsoon season. The strong wave can wash up injured turtles on the beach more than usual.

A report shows an average of 30 turtles are washed up on the Phuket’s beach each year. However, it is believed that the actual figure is probably more than a hundred but some of those are under reported.

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