Sea turtles may be extinct

Only about 10 nests of sea turtle are discovered in natural nesting sites each year. While human’s fishing gear hurt/kill them more.

A marine biologist of Marine Endangered Species Unit, Phuket Marine Biological Center (PMBC), Kongkiat Kittiwattanawong revealed that the sea turtle’s situation is worrying. There are more than 100 of turtles strand at the beach each year. Though the exact number is not officially reported, an averaged 30 turtles to be found injured each year are confirmed.

Statistics showed the number of sea turtles coming to Phuket-Phang-nga shores to lay their eggs on the natural nesting sites 10 times less than it was in the past. The nesting has dropped dramatically and even tends to decline more. The biologist believes it could go extinct in the near future.

Eating turtle eggs that was popularly practiced in the area 50-60 years ago during the prosperous period of the sea turtle, along with the fishing industry, and the coastal area development, all  are considered to be the cause of sea turtle extinction.

Biologist Kongkiat continued the fishing nets are the major cause of the injury and death. The sea turtles are usually incidental captured in nets while they are looking for food. Some of them die in nets but if they try to escape, they are often injured or sometimes lose their paddle. Washed up on the shore by the wave, the injuries at last leads the turtles to handicap or death either. Nowadays the officers of Marine Endangered Species Unit has to take care of many handicapped turtles.

On the other. sea turtles preservation has been seriously proceeded in the area of natural reserves. One of them such as Similan Islands host more than 100 of nesting each year. However, sea turtle protection and preservation is a serious case Phuket, Phang-nga, and Satun has to focus.

Nature Reserve is world famous as a nesting site for endangered sea turtles.

Sea turtle preservation is not an individual task. Only Thailand’s effort is not enough to solve the sea turtle problem and prevent it from extinction but it needs the regional cooperation to keep watching over.

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    This does not surprise me!The main reason our wildlife is dying,is because our law and law makers allow and encourage all the born killer and animal abusers in this world to reek havack and torcher toward our animals.These borne killers,have no limits and we have no laws to protect these animals from greed and selfishments of man.

  • More than 20 sea turtles were recently injured and washed ashore in Phuket, mostly wounded from fishing tools.

    At least three sea turtles, aged 3-5 years old, are now being treated at the Phuket Marine Biological centre (or PMBC). Wounds from fishing nets are spotted on their bodies, shell and legs. Two of the turtles were rescued from Kamala and one from Karon beach. They were given anti-biotics to treat the wounds. A PMBC biologist Kongkiat Kittiwatanawong told Andaman News that since the past month of September, over 22 sea turtles were washed ashore on the Andaman coast, particularly in Phuket and Phang-Nga. Most of them were injured by fishing tools. The monsoon season, which generates strong waves, then forced the injured and fatigued ones to shore. According to Kongkiat, 80% of the creatures rescued and treated at the PMBC survived, while 10% are crippled and 10 % unfortunately died from severe wounds.

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    I really like the fresh perspective you did on the issue. Really was not expecting that when I started off studying. Your concepts were easy to understand that I wondered why I never looked at it before. Glad to know that there’s an individual out there that definitely understands what he’s discussing. Great job!


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