Phuket to receive digital TV coupons March 2015

Phuket to receive digital TV coupons March 2015In July 2014, the National Broadcast and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) announced that it would give coupons worth Bt690 for every household to go towards buying either digital TV set-top boxes or TVs with built-in antenna that receive digital signals.

In September 2014 it was further announced that NBTC would begin distributing 11.45 million coupons to 45 provinces as phase 1 of the project. The second phase would see coupons being distributed to further provinces in 2015 and 2016 in alignment with digital TV network coverage.

Office of the NBTC District 11However, recently found out that Phuket was not included in either phase 1 or phase 2 of the projects and decided to investigate to find out when Phuket residents would be receiving their coupons.

Upon contacting the Office of the NBTC District 11, a member of the was advised that Phuket would receive their digital TV coupon in March 2558, in a previously unmentioned phase 3 of the project, and at a time when the digital TV signal will be available on 80% of the island. Phuket is already receiving the digital signal but it is only being received at a very small number of locations.

Phuket to receive digital TV coupons March 2015
Office of the NBTC District 11
New smartphone app launched by tourist police

New smartphone app launched by tourist policeThailand’s tourist police have launched a new safety app aimed at improving the safety of tourists. The app, known as the Tourist Buddy Application works via a smartphone and offers safety tips as well as travel information. Tourists can also get in touch with any emergency call center and also police station within the country. The 1155 hotline number is accessible 24/7. Authorities will also be able to trace where the call is originating from. Just like your buddy, the app will help you find a location.

In a bid to improve their services as well as image, tourist police in Thailand have rolled-out an aggressive campaign .The virtual app is viewed as being the most innovative. According to the application’s creator, Pol.Maj.Gen.Roy Inkapairoj who is also the Commander in-charge of Tourist Police Division, the number of tourists is set to rise. And in order to provide efficient services it was critical to launch an innovative security application. Tourism is the leading source of revenue for the government. By the end of 2015, the government target is to raise at least 2 Trillion Baht from this sector.

He further asserted that the app would come handy in providing tourists with up-to-date information around the clock. In so doing, it would play an important role in promoting traditions, tourism, festivals and culture in the country. The tourist police in the country realized the necessity of offering tourists effective help, comfort, security and care. Pol.Maj.Gen Roy Inkapairoj strongly believes that the Tourist Buddy Application will solve the shortcomings that have existed in the security sector. Visitors have in some situations faced difficulties as far as security is concerned. This should be a thing of the past if the app works according to the plan.

SIPA Phuket held “Software Talk – Tourism Solutions” seminar

 SIPA Phuket held "Software Talk - Tourism Solutions" seminarOn 7th August 2014, the Software Industry Promotion Agency (SIPA) held a “Software Talk – Tourism Solutions” event at Royal Phuket City Hotel. SIPA Phuket branch manager – Khun Pracha Asawateera presided over the event which was attended by software and tour operators.

Khun Pracha said “SIPA is responsible for promoting and supporting the software industry and for bringing new software to various industries. This year it was decided to have this Software Talk activity which will propose the ICT and software guidelines for global digital marketing in all industries, especially tourism, which is the country’s main income.

“Phuket is a leader in the use of software especially when it comes to spa and restaurant solutions. Incoming tourists are now using various software applications for to purchase air tickets via the Internet, a trend that is growing quickly, and to keep up with the rate of growth more advanced software is required, and this new software will have to manage all hotel solutions.”

Phuket introduces new ICT Centre Director

Phuket introduces new ICT Centre Director On 29th May 2014 at the Phuket ICT Centre at Saphan Hin Park in Phuket Town, a press conference was held to introduce the Centre’s new Director – Dr Jirawat Thaenthong, and also to show the vision of developing Phuket’s ICT Centre Step into. It is hoped that in the near future Phuket Knowledge Park will serve as a source of learning and creating inspiration for other people in the Andaman provinces.

Dr Jirawat said “Phuket ICT Centre now offers computers with high speed wireless internet access for public use, along with training to help the public use them. In the very near future, we will also be organizing and promoting events to educate the youths in IT, and we will continue to support the development potential of ICT for the public.”

Phuket and MICT sign Smart Province MOU

Phuket and MICT sign Smart Province MOUOn Thursday 8th May 2014 at Phuket Provincial Hall, the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) and Phuket Province held an event which saw the signing of an MOU which will bring the country’s Smart Province project to the island. The MOU was signed by Dr Surachai Srisarakham – Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) and Phuket Governor – Maitree Intusut.

At the signing, Khun Surachai said “The Smart Province project in Phuket, scheduled to be completed in 2015, will bring one-stop service centres where residents can access information and use digital services with a swipe of an ID card. The Smart Country project will link local government offices, police stations and private enterprises with a single network which will be used to share and access information in a secured manner. Highlights of the project will be that residents will be able to access public services online, faster and more efficiently, and Government agencies will be moved towards paperless offices to create a more efficient workplace.”

After seeing the project successfully completed in the province of Nakhon Nayok, it was decided to bring the next stage to Phuket, and then expand the project to the rest of the country.

Amari Phuket introduces new web portal

Amari Phuket introduces new web portalAmari Phuket has introduced a new web portal for guests looking to maximise their hotel stay and immerse themselves in the places they visit. Through the Destination Amari site, they will find handy travel advice and ideas to help plan their trip before leaving home.

Destination Amari creates a memorable voyage of discovery in which guests can experience modern Asia at its finest. Throughout the site, they will find exhilarating family fun, award-winning attractions and secluded places, all easily accessible through the portal. The fascinating series of editorial reviews are written by journalists who are known to be destination experts in each region. The content, which includes interesting restaurants, fun excursions, quirky shops and family attractions, intrigues the reader with absorbing detail and first hand experiential reviews. Each venue and activity within Destination Amari is handpicked to ensure that Amari guests have the best options at each destination. Throughout the site, there is an emphasis on shared experiences and the reviews differentiate between venues that are suitable for friends, families and couples.

Guests are also encouraged to interact with each other by sharing personal tips or viewing comments from other users before setting out for the day. The selection of trusted places also comes with additional endorsements. Executive chefs in each Amari property give their tips on which local restaurants they enjoy the most and other team members offer tips on what they enjoy doing in their spare time.

Destination Amari is now live for Phuket, Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Koh Chang, Koh Samui, Krabi and Doha.


Opinion: Smartphones – How long can you leave yours?

Opinion: Smartphones – How long can you leave yours?

I for one am someone who appreciates advances in technology when and where it is needed. However, there is one advance in technology that is really starting to bug me, not because of its design, not because of its purpose, but simply how much people are using the things. Yes I’m talking about the world’s bestselling electrical device, the ‘Smartphone’.

I’ve been the owner of a mobile phone, not the same on I hasten to add, since the early 1990’s when you simply used a mobile phone to make or receive a call. At this time, mobile phones weren’t permanently in the owners hand, people were still able to hold a conversation when at a dining table, they would use their phones when they needed to make or receive a call.

I do actually think Smartphones are a good thing; they serve a very good purpose, however, what I don’t like is that people let them take over their lives. Couples go out for a meal, they no longer talk, they sit staring and tapping at a screen. Families sit at the dinner table, they no longer speak, they sit and staring and tapping a screen. Youngsters no longer want to read a book or go out to play, they are contented sitting staring and tapping at a screen I know it’s a bit of a cliché, but what has happened to the art of conversation, unfortunately, in my opinion Smartphones have killed it.

I recently attended a special media function and I would honestly say that 60 or 70% of the attendees were on their Smartphones at least, and I say at least, 90% of the time. This was supposed to be a social evening of fun & conversation. There was none, this was killed by the Smartphones. For me, there s nothing more unfunny and unsociable than sitting with 200 people, more than half of which choose to have a smart phone as their partner for the evening.  It was actually a good job for the photographers at the event that there was something happening away from the dining area , as I’m sure they wouldn’t have been happy to get back home or to their offices to find a they had a camera full of photos of people staring and tapping on the screens of their Smartphones.

For those who are reading this article and are guilty of the above here’s something for you think about; recent research shows that exercising your thumbs by using your Smartphones could ultimately be harming your health.  It has also been confirmed that there is such a thing as Smartphone addiction. Again, those who are reading this article and are guilty of the above are no different to drinkers, smokers or drug takers, they’re an addict. Think I’m talking nonsense? Don’t think you’re an addict? Try to leave your Smartphone at home for a day, even just a couple of hours if possible, and you’ll soon find out what a drinker , smoker or drug taker goes through when going into withdrawal.

There are many people who can and do use Smartphones in a smart way — doing only what they need to do, and then putting the device away, can you be one of them, make me happy and give it a try.

This is the opinion of Matthew Pond and not of

PS: For those interested I am not a Smartphone owner, and I have no intention of becoming one.

Naka Island Phuket Launches Free Wi-Fi Service

Naka Island Phuket Launches Free Wi-Fi Service Internet access nowadays is extremely important for Naka Island Phuket resort guests, whether it be to keep in contact with family and friends, for business purposes, or to keep up with the news from all over the globe. To enhance their guest’s experience and assist in keeping connected with the world while staying at The Naka Island, their free Wi-Fi internet service in all of their 67 luxury villas in addition to their resort public areas will commence on 1st May 2013. Guests will be able to use this complimentary service wherever they may be within the resort and gain access via their smart phones, I-phones, tablets and notebooks to check emails, surf the web, ticketing and even post reviews of their unforgettable holiday experience on social networks. Under the Luxury Collection hotel brand, The Naka Island is proud to provide this complimentary Wi-Fi internet service  to all resort guests.

The Naka Island, A Luxury Collection Resort and Spa, Phuket is located at 32 Moo 5, Paklok, Thalang, Phuket 83110.

For more information or make a reservation, please e-mail or visit or

Phuket’s JW Marriott iPad App

Phuket’s JW Marriott iPad AppJW Marriott Phuket have cooperated with ‘AppyHotel’ and created their own great looking, easy-to-manage iPad App, allowing users to view the hotel’s existing material and purchase a number of in-house services. The iPad app is available to download from the App Store for a free trial period of 6 months.

To download the App all you have to do is download the “Appy Hotel” application on your iPad and search for “JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa”.


• Download the app before check-in and get acquainted with the hotel

• Find out about updated promotions as often as you like free of charge

• App has feedback widget allowing you to share your views