Get the Loading Speed a Gigabit Router Provides

Get the Loading Speed a Gigabit Router Provides

The world is slowly relying more and more on the internet. And sometimes 100 Mbps speeds are just not fast enough. If you’re running into problems with the speed of your home internet connection, you should look into getting a gigabit router.

With the recent work-from-home solutions brought on by the pandemic, many people are noticing that they’re just not getting the same downloading and uploading speeds at home that they were used to getting in the office. With the number of employees on the internet at your workplace and the volume of the files that are often being transferred, the demand for speeds of 1 Gbps and more are not uncommon in the modern office.
But unless you’re an avid gamer and have purposely installed a system fast enough to support the speeds of your hobby, you’re not getting close to those speeds at home.

If you’ve found that working from home better suits your lifestyle, and you’re likely to continue the practice, getting a gigabit router and switching over to ethernet cables will help you get close to the speeds you enjoyed in the office.

Entertainment Comes Home

There is another reason you may want to upgrade your home system to get faster speeds. The movie theatre will probably die out within the next ten years. Although many people will fight the changes, the experience of seeing a movie on the big screen and smelling popcorn being popped will most likely become a nostalgic memory for the vast majority of us.

Entertainment is increasingly focusing on home delivery. With the steady growth in streaming services available and Smart TVs growing ever larger and offering crisper images, it won’t be long before every person in your household may want to watch a different program on a variety of streaming services.

Streaming a movie takes up a significant amount of speed and loading capabilities. The more people in the household stream different movies, the more the speed slows down for everyone. This includes the person sitting in their home office trying to transfer files to a valuable client while the rest of the family watches movies.

Keeping Pace with Technology

Even now, you may notice that your service at home seems to slow down as the kids get home from school, and the adults interact over the internet with their friends.

If you notice this happening and you plan to grow your business from home, it’s time to increase the speeds of your system. You’ll be able to keep pace with technology and the steadily advancing trends in home entertainment and communication.

You can get on top of the situation simply by updating your internet equipment and switching over to a more powerful router and ethernet cables. Try this before you make the drastic step of subscribing to another internet line.

Visit the TP-Link website. They’re a Malaysian company that has everything you need to upgrade your home internet signal and electronics.

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