Opinion: Smartphones – How long can you leave yours?

Opinion: Smartphones – How long can you leave yours?

Opinion: Smartphones – How long can you leave yours?

I for one am someone who appreciates advances in technology when and where it is needed. However, there is one advance in technology that is really starting to bug me, not because of its design, not because of its purpose, but simply how much people are using the things. Yes I’m talking about the world’s bestselling electrical device, the ‘Smartphone’.

I’ve been the owner of a mobile phone, not the same on I hasten to add, since the early 1990’s when you simply used a mobile phone to make or receive a call. At this time, mobile phones weren’t permanently in the owners hand, people were still able to hold a conversation when at a dining table, they would use their phones when they needed to make or receive a call.

I do actually think Smartphones are a good thing; they serve a very good purpose, however, what I don’t like is that people let them take over their lives. Couples go out for a meal, they no longer talk, they sit staring and tapping at a screen. Families sit at the dinner table, they no longer speak, they sit and staring and tapping a screen. Youngsters no longer want to read a book or go out to play, they are contented sitting staring and tapping at a screen I know it’s a bit of a cliché, but what has happened to the art of conversation, unfortunately, in my opinion Smartphones have killed it.

I recently attended a special media function and I would honestly say that 60 or 70% of the attendees were on their Smartphones at least, and I say at least, 90% of the time. This was supposed to be a social evening of fun & conversation. There was none, this was killed by the Smartphones. For me, there s nothing more unfunny and unsociable than sitting with 200 people, more than half of which choose to have a smart phone as their partner for the evening.  It was actually a good job for the photographers at the event that there was something happening away from the dining area , as I’m sure they wouldn’t have been happy to get back home or to their offices to find a they had a camera full of photos of people staring and tapping on the screens of their Smartphones.

For those who are reading this article and are guilty of the above here’s something for you think about; recent research shows that exercising your thumbs by using your Smartphones could ultimately be harming your health.  It has also been confirmed that there is such a thing as Smartphone addiction. Again, those who are reading this article and are guilty of the above are no different to drinkers, smokers or drug takers, they’re an addict. Think I’m talking nonsense? Don’t think you’re an addict? Try to leave your Smartphone at home for a day, even just a couple of hours if possible, and you’ll soon find out what a drinker , smoker or drug taker goes through when going into withdrawal.

There are many people who can and do use Smartphones in a smart way — doing only what they need to do, and then putting the device away, can you be one of them, make me happy and give it a try.

This is the opinion of Matthew Pond and not of Phuketindex.com

PS: For those interested I am not a Smartphone owner, and I have no intention of becoming one.


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