New smartphone app launched by tourist police

New smartphone app launched by tourist police

New smartphone app launched by tourist policeThailand’s tourist police have launched a new safety app aimed at improving the safety of tourists. The app, known as the Tourist Buddy Application works via a smartphone and offers safety tips as well as travel information. Tourists can also get in touch with any emergency call center and also police station within the country. The 1155 hotline number is accessible 24/7. Authorities will also be able to trace where the call is originating from. Just like your buddy, the app will help you find a location.

In a bid to improve their services as well as image, tourist police in Thailand have rolled-out an aggressive campaign .The virtual app is viewed as being the most innovative. According to the application’s creator, Pol.Maj.Gen.Roy Inkapairoj who is also the Commander in-charge of Tourist Police Division, the number of tourists is set to rise. And in order to provide efficient services it was critical to launch an innovative security application. Tourism is the leading source of revenue for the government. By the end of 2015, the government target is to raise at least 2 Trillion Baht from this sector.

He further asserted that the app would come handy in providing tourists with up-to-date information around the clock. In so doing, it would play an important role in promoting traditions, tourism, festivals and culture in the country. The tourist police in the country realized the necessity of offering tourists effective help, comfort, security and care. Pol.Maj.Gen Roy Inkapairoj strongly believes that the Tourist Buddy Application will solve the shortcomings that have existed in the security sector. Visitors have in some situations faced difficulties as far as security is concerned. This should be a thing of the past if the app works according to the plan.


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