PPC Advertising Can Fit Your Budget

PPC Advertising Can Fit Your Budget

For brands just entering the marketplace, a digital environment can provide you with an easily measurable and controllable method of marketing your products and services. PPC advertising stands for pay-per-click. It’s one of the methods of easily fitting your digital marketing campaigns into a specific budget.

With PPC forms of advertising, you bid for ad placement in sponsored links that correspond to someone entering in the specific keywords of your brand’s products or services. The beauty of PPC advertising is you only pay the search engine when your ad is clicked on by a user entering the keywords you use.

PPC provides an economical advertising model when the value of every sale you make is significantly more than the fee you pay to the search engine for each click.

Making Google Ads Work for You

Google Ads is the world’s most popular PPC advertising system. The platform enables any company to create ads appearing on Google’s platforms and search engine.

Your brand will bid on the right to use certain keywords in their ads. But you may not be the only company winning the right to use these keywords. Every time your keywords are entered into the search engine, Google has to decide which companies that have bid on the keywords are going to be connected with the user entering the keywords.

This is where it gets a little more complicated and where you can use the help of an experienced digital marketing agency. By participating in Google Ads over time, your brand establishes a metric in Ad Rank that determines how favourably your brand compares against competing companies for the same keywords.

Defining Facets of Ad Rank

How high your brand scores in Ad Rank will depend on two key facets, the Cost Per Click (CPC) and the Quality Score of your brand.

The CPC of your brand is the highest amount your brand is willing to bid for an ad. The Quality Score is based upon the quality of your landing page, your product’s relevance to the chosen keywords, and your click-through rate.

The Quality Score measures certain aspects of your advertisements and website. It provides a cumulative ranking for them that helps place your brand in the ‘pecking order’ of competing websites for your keyword choices.

Keyword relevance to your brand’s products, a landing page that delivers relevant, well-crafted content tailored to the specific search enquiries, and creative and engaging, professional ad content is how you increase your Quality Score.

Continuous Effort

Business is dynamic. You should be continuously monitoring your PPC advertising campaigns to ensure they’re delivering the results you expect. Focus on using the keywords that provide the best results to more of your ad groups. Refine your landing pages periodically to boost your conversion rates. Rather than send all your traffic to the same landing page, create specialised landing pages for different keyword combinations.

By making a concerted effort to work within the Google Ads system, PPC advertising can help you to keep a lid on your ad budget, particularly when your brand is just starting in the marketplace.

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