PPAO Supports Recreational Activitles For Families And Society

PPAO Supports Recreational Activitles For Families And Society


President Paiboon Upattising on February 14 hosted the launch of a religious day event (recreational activities for families and society) at Sala Prachakhom Hall in PPAO offices. The event was attended by PPAO officials, members of the Phuket Christian churches, and invited guests.

PPAO officials present: President Advisor Boonserm Suwannarathphoom, Chief of Education, Religion, and Culture Division Ouiporn Sakultan. Recreational fair is collaboration between PPAO and the Phuket Christian Churches Association. Taking place every weekend from February 14 to March 8, the event provides leisure activities for family members to enjoy together. Vicar Thikun Papsaneh, President of the Phuket Christian Churches Association, believes that happy families form a foundation for a quality society. Activities during the fair include: art for young people, vocational skills trainings, health promotion, and music in the garden, among others. The fair is free and the general public is welcome to take part. Vicar Thikun in his speech thanked President Paiboon for his continual support to the local Christian churches. President Paiboon thanked all local Christians who he said turned Sala Prachakhom into a place of loving kindness. He also thanked the Phuket Christian Churches Association for its good work for the society. The President urged all attended to give and receive love freely on this Valentine’s Day. The greatest love of all, he said, is the love Jesus Christ gave to mankind.


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