PPAO Holds Press Conferance On Chinese New Year 2015 Celebration

PPAO Holds Press Conferance On Chinese New Year 2015 Celebration


Leading Phuket government officials, Governor Nisit Jansomwong together with President Paiboon Upattising on February 14 held a press conference at the Phuket Garden Hotel. Together, they announced the planned Chinese New Year activities, which will take place on Thursday, February 19, from 5 pm onward, at Sanamchai ground in Phuket Town.

Funded by PPAO, the Chinese New Year celebration, which has been organized now for five years continuously, marks the auspicious time as well as unity of all sectors. The year 2015 is represented by the goat, one of the Chinese astrological signs, which symbolizes abundance and prosperity. The primary aim of the celebration, said Mr Paiboon, was to honor the King who is the beloved of all the nation. The event features fun and entertaining activities designed to bring back happiness to the people as well as raising income for local traders and boost tourism. The President reminded the media that Chinese tourists now outnumber any other visitors to the island and as such Phuket must hold world-class activities to receive them and to prepare well for the upcoming AEC. Roughly translated as “celestial glory protects the community,” the celebration will feature many displays reflecting the symbolism of year of the goat and bringing luck to the spectators. Beautifully decorated exhibitions include: the gate of abundance, the road to prosperity, HM the King’s area showing photos of His Majesty’s visit to Phuket, over ten sets of performance by the award-winning China National Acrobatic Troop from Beijing entitled “The Splendid,” local food stalls, craft and souvenir stalls, children area, Chinese language tuition for young people, and Chinese craft making and brush paining, free health check provided by PPAO Hospital. Last but not least, there will be a concert performance by Getsunova featuring popular MC Ying Kanya Raiwin. Governor Nisit added that he was delighted to see that the Phuket community and PPAO still value traditions by celebrating Chinese New Year. Only four provinces in Thailand are known to hold lavish Chinese New Year celebration and Phuket is one of them. This magnificent and world-class event, said the Governor is the first celebration of the year 2015, a gift to everyone from the Phuket authorities and PPAO.


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