Recently, Soratham Jinda (Vice President of PPAO), Manop Leelasuthanont (Chief Administrator of the PAO), and PPAO staffs gave a warm welcoming to more than 160 visitors from Thepha Local Administrative Organization (TLAO), Songkhla Province, that came to share ideas and collect information of environmental management.

Recently, Arsin Arammethapong (Counselor to the President of PPAO), Watcharin Patomwattanapong (Vice Deputy of PPAO), Satien Kaewpraprab (Director of  Planning and Budgeting Division), and PPAO officers gave a warm welcoming to the visitors from Rayong Provincial Administrative Organization who came to visit a project of solving Phuket garbage problems and the revenue collection system.

Piya Pitutecha (The President of RPAO), Jaruwat Suntornvejapong (Vice President of RPAO), Settha Pitutecha (President of RPAO’s council), and staffs-altogether more than 300 people-came along in this trip. As well, PPAO was honored by Tara Pitutecha (Rayong Member of the House of Representatives) who came along together with all Rayong’s visitors.