Meeting To Set Up Funding Programs For Fiscal Year 2015


On February 13, PPAO executives convened at a meeting to determine the organization’s funding programs for the fiscal year 2015. The meeting, first for the fiscal year 2015, was chaired by President Paiboon Upattising and attended by Vice President Chaowalit Na Nakon, President Advisor Boonserm Suwannarathphoom, Chief Administrator Watcharin Pathomwattapong, Council Chairman Theera Jiasakul, Council members, division chiefs and other involved officials.

The meeting deliberated on financial supports for 37 public projects proposed by 26 agencies, in the total of 104,981,250 baht. Project details are as follows: 1. Phuket Regional Primary Education Office: raising learning and teaching standard (extra teachers); Muslim religious education program; repair and renovation of school and subsidiary buildings; village scout development program. 2. Phuket Polytechnic College: young artists program; vocational training to prepare for AEC; labor skills training. 3. Phuket Technical College: vocational and skills training for general public. 4. Songkla Nakarin University Phuket: campaign to raise environmental awareness. 5. Phuket Public Health Office: To Be Number One, One Tambon One Aerobic; health care for the chronically ill and the disable. 6. Phuket Livestock Office: mobile veterinary service. 7. Phuket Prison: vocational training for inmates. 8. Phuket Buddhist Center: Buddhist retreat for young people; mobile training for Buddhist examination at Wat Anuphas Krisadaram (Wat Ketho); training for Buddhist monks. 9. Phuket Cultural Center: mass ordination and Buddhism training for young people (honoring Princess Maha Chakri). 10. – 15. Phuket City Municipality, Rawai Municipality, Thep Kasattri Municipality, Koh Kaew Subdistrict Administrative Office, Kamala Subdistrict Administrative Office, Sri Suntorn Municipality: supplementary funding for community funds 16. Phuket Child Watch: Uncle Pitak House. 17. Phuket Sunshine Village: increasing life quality for orphans. 18. Thai Autism Foundation Phuket: life skill training. 19. Phuket Sports Association: raising sports excellence. 20. Phuket Community Network: federation of Phuket communities. 21. Drink Not Drive Foundation Phuket: campaign to reduce drunk driving. 22. Phuket Tourism Business Association: promotion of sales and marketing. 23. Thailand Central Islam Commission: Phuket Andaman Halal project. 24. Phuket shrines: support for Phuket Vegetarian Festival. 25. Phuket Islamic Ethical Center: Qur’an reciting project. 26. Phuket Islamic Commission: language and religious training for young Muslim people.

PPAO Supports Singing And Musical Contest “Just Say No”


“Just Say No” singing and musical contest took place on February 6 at Phuket Technical College in Phuket Town. Representing PPAO, Council Chairman Theera Jiasakul hosted the event attended by College administrators, teachers, students and invited guests.

According to the College director Jit Iadsang, the program has been running for 18 years. PPAO has been funding the program and also acting as organizing partner for the last ten years having realized the program’s benefit to the society. For the last five years the final round of the event took place at Sapan Hin main stage, Nawamin 72 stage, and Phuket Technical College. This year’s event, which also took place at the College on February 6, has received financial support of 108,100 baht from PPAO. Other agencies have given support in kind such as human resources and equipment. “Just Say No” event aims to encourage young people to take up singing and music in their free times and discourage them from turning to drugs and illegal activities. By performing, students develop confidence and strong personality. The program also honors HM the King and follows the motto “love the King, steer children away from drugs.” For this year, 120 applicants from ten institutions entered, out of whom twenty-two singers/instrumentalists, five dance teams and six folk bands were selected to compete in the finals on February 6. Council Chairman Theera highlighted the benefits of the program “Just Say No” for students and young people, mentioned above. PPAO, he said, was delighted to be sponsoring the event again this year by covering the expenditures, costs and personnel, as it has done in the past. “Just Say No” is part of “To Be No.1” program initiated by Princess Ubolrattana. It is designed to encourage young people to refuse all types of misdeeds and drugs as a way to protect themselves. Mr Theera ended by thanking all agencies who supported the program and all schools for having taken part.

PPAO Teams Win Gold At Southern Or Bor Jor Cup (Pingkan Games) In Football And Tra-Kraw


PPAO officials on the evening of February 5 took part at the closing ceremony of the 15th Southern Or Bor Jor Cup (Pingkan Games) at Phang-Nga Stadium. Chaired by Phang-Nga governor Prayoon Rattanasenee, the ceremony was attended by representatives from 14 southern provincial administrative offices as well as those from Prachuap Khirikhan province.

Representing Phang-Nga Provincial Administrative Office was its president Bamrung Piyanamwanit, who was accompanied by his executives and council members. Representing PPAO were Chief Administrator Watcharin Pathomwattanapong who led a team of officers and council members. The Southern Or Bor Jor Cup, the 15th of its kind, was a sports event participated by provincial administrative officers from all southern provinces including Prachuap Khiri Khan. Taken place in Phang-Nga from January 29 – February 5, 2015, the event was called Pingkan Games. PPAO team proudly won two gold medals in football and sepak takraw, two silvers in 200-m sprint (female 30-39 years) and 200-m sprint (male, 50-59 years); and five bronzes in 8×50 m relay (male, 30-39 years), 100-m sprint (male, 30-39 years), 400-m sprint (female, 30-39 years), 4×100 relay (male, 40-49 years) and 4×100 relay (male 40-49 years). Altogether, nine medals were awarded to PPAO.

PPAO Awards Winners Of PPAO Junior League Basketball 2014


Representing PPAO, Council Member Saroj Angkanapilas (also President of Phuket Sports Association) on February 6 awarded trophies to the winning teams and players of PPAO Junior League Basketball 2014 at the closing ceremony of the event, which took place at PPAO Ban Talad Neu School. Also present were President Advisor Boonserm Suwannarathphoom, PPAO officials, Director of Phuket Tourism and Sports Office Chutima Janmee as well as teachers, coaches and athletes.

PPAO Junior League Basketball event, which ran from November 28, 2014 – February 6, 2015, was divided into three categories: upper secondary school (male), and lower secondary school (male/female). Eleven schools took part in the games, which included Dara Samut, British International, Headstart International, Wat Thep Nimit, Wat kajorn Rangsan, Anuban Phuket, Thaihua Asean Wittaya, Kathu Wittaya, Kajornkiat Suksa, Phuket Wittayalai, and Satree Phuket.

Winners of upper secondary school were: Anuban Phuket (winner); Wat Thep Nimit (first runner-up); British International (second runner-up). Winners of lower secondary school (male) were: Phuket Wittayalai (winner); Kajornkiat Suksa (first runner-up); Satree Phuket (second runner-up). Winners of lower secondary school (female) were: Satree Phuket (winner); Headstart International (first runner-up); British International (second runner-up). Outstanding players prizes went to: Upper secondary:

  • 1. Joseph Hunter (outstanding guard – British International)
  • 2. Nattakit (outstanding guard – Wat Thep Nimit)
  • 3. Karitin Na Nakon (outstanding center – Anuban Phuket)
  • 4. Nattawat Tansakul (outstanding wing – Anuban Phuket)
  • 5. Korawit Saeyang (outstanding wing – Phuket Thaihua)
  • 6. Preecha Suwannahong (outstanding coach – Anuban Phuket)
  • 7. British International School team (best manner)

Lower secondary (male):

  • 1. Don Ju Kim (outstanding guard – Kajornkiat Suksa)
  • 2. Jeera Puenrak (outstanding guard – Satree Phuket)
  • 3. Shivem kapila (outstanding center – British International)
  • 4. Peerapat Triweeranuwat (outstanding wing – Phuket Wittayalai)
  • 5. Worapol Chailert (outstanding wing – Phuket Wittayalai)
  • 6. Chalermpol Meeduang (outstanding coach – Kathu Wittaya)

Lower secondary (female):

  • 1. Thanchanok Maipang (outstanding guard – Satree Phuket)
  • 2. Chaliesa Potter (outstanding guard – British International)
  • 3. Phasinee Ussarawanit (outstanding center – Satree Phuket)
  • 4. Luybov Omelchenko (outstanding wing – Headstart International)
  • 5. Victoria Wiihinrich (outstanding wing – British International)
  • 6. Jeff Lammantia (outstanding coach – British International)
  • 7. Satree Phuket team (best manner)
PPAO Hosts First “Phuket Clinic Center” Meeting For 2015


Local government officers on the morning of February 6 converged in the first “Phuket Clinic Center” meeting of the year 2015 at the Provincial Hall in Phuket town. President Paiboon Upattising chaired the meeting attended by local administrative government officers, PPAO executives including Chief Administrator Watcharin Pathomwattanapong, Council Chairman Theera Jiasakul, council members, and division heads.

The Phuket Clinic Center aims to alleviate and correct difficult situations and disasters faced by the public. The Center also encourages participation by all agencies. The first meeting focused on the proposal to tackle the draught which is already affecting certain areas of the island. To this end, the meeting learned that Department of Local Administration granted a fund of 5,824,000 for the renovation of a water reservoir in Moo 5 of Tambon Mai Khao. The works to be carried out include: dredging no less than 37,166 m3 of the reservoir area; moving of soil for no less than 10 km; and compressing about 1,815 m3 of soil. Bids for construction works have been received from 13 companies. After initial inspection, it was found that 12 companies qualified for the works. The winner will be announced on February 10, 2015. Work is expected to last 120 days from the date of signing contract. For the fiscal year 2015, PPAO has allocated a budget of 4,380,000 baht for the improvement of the public water system in Thalang to tackle water shortage in Tambon Mai Khao. The work will involve construction of a high-level water tank equipped with a pump and containing 30 m3 of water, a clear 100-m3 water tank as well as a filter tank capable of filtering 10 m3 of water per hour. Furthermore, the meeting also studied proposal to prepare for water shortage. To this end, the Planning Division of PPAO has requested a list of necessary equipment needed to deal with water shortage problem from the Phuket Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office. Finally, the meeting discussed basic infrastructure, expansion of roads, and other public development works in Phuket.

PPAO To Support Vocational Training For Inmates At Phuket Provincial Prison


program for inmates at the Phuket Provincial Prison, Phuket Town. The launch was witnessed by prison chief Pichit Wannajit, prison officers and a team of instructors.

With the total fund of 515,000 baht allocated by PPAO, the program aims to train inmates in construction skills (brick-laying, plastering, welding, electricity works), motor skills (motorcycle repair), cooking (food, dessert), and English communication, among others. Skilled laborers in these fields are in demand by local construction companies and other businesses. During the training, the 114-year-old prison is being used as a training site for participants who would renovate the prison’s reception area as well as installing new electrical cables for the building. On February 5, brick-laying and plastering course was offered to the first batch of 25 inmates (February 5 – 13) while another 25 will train in tiling work (February 16 – 17). The courses that follow range from welding and electrical work to cooking and dressmaking. Trainers for the course hail from various institutions including Phuket Skills Development Center, Phuket Polytechnic College, Extra-curricular Training Center, and Phuket General Education Training Center. One of the roles and duties of the Phuket Provincial Prison is to deliver corrective works for inmates with the hope of turning them into upstanding citizens. Part of the Prison’s policy for the fiscal year 2012 – 2015 focuses on this concept by providing suitable counseling as well as financial support to help inmates who have completed their terms getting ready for life after prison. The training includes general education, transferrable skills, life skills, and social development. The aim is to instill confidence in prisoners who would later on integrate into the society and thus discourage them from re-offending. Lack of confidence is commonplace for both short and long-term convicts, as these people do not know how the society will receive them. The program aims to support the inmates who are ready to leave the prison by preparing them psychologically and emotionally while at the same time equipping them with employable skills.

PPAO Takes Part In Phuket City Police Force Mobilization To Tackle Human Trafficking


Representing PPAO, President Advisor Samanasak Rattanasaenyanupap took part in the mobilization of Phuket City police force, which took place in front of Phuket City police station on the evening of Monday, February 2.

The mobilization ceremony was overseen by Maj Gen Patchara Boonyasit, Phuket Police Commander, and presided over by Governor Nisit Jansomwong. Police officers and invited guests also witnessed the proceedings. Following orders by the Royal Thai Police and Region 8 Police, police officers were instructed to keep a lookout for and get tough on illegal activities including child prostitutions, forced prostitutions of both Thais and immigrants, sex shows, gambling dens and all types of illegal premises. Police also compiled a list of businesses deemed to have a tendency towards human traffic. The force was made up of 379 officers from Phuket City Police, Tourist Police Division 5, Immigration Department, Airport Immigration, Marine Police Division 8, Phuket Special Branch Police, Narcotics Suppression Police, Crime Detection Police, Administration Division, as well as police volunteers.

PPAO President Takes Part In Educational Grant Award Ceremony (Bamrung-Paka Sampaorat Foundation)



Representing PPAO, President Paiboon Upattising on January 31 took part in educational grant award ceremony organized by the Bamrung-Paka Sampaorat Foundation, which took place at Ban Kho En village, Mai Khao subdistrict, Thalang.

Also present at the ceremony was Vice Governor Suthee Thongyam as well as imams (religious leaders) of local mosques and invited guests. President Paiboon was accompanied by his Advisor Soratham Jinda. President of the Foundation, Bamrung Sampaorat, said that in 2013 the organization has granted 11 scholarships to capable students from low-income families while in 2014 it has contributed funds towards supporting flood victims in the three southern-most provinces. The contributions were distributed among Thais as well as Malaysians living along the border. This year, the Foundation is granting 20 scholarships to students from ten local schools. Mr Bamrung went on to highlight the objectives of the Foundation which was to provide basic education to underprivileged but otherwise bright students as well as to instill Islamic values and ethics to young people. Presently, the Foundation is establishing an international-level school to prepare the community for the upcoming AEC. The President thanked all agencies that have given support to the Foundation. The backing, he said, gave him strength to continue his work for the society. President Paiboon in his speech praised Mr Bamrung for his vision and charitable work. The Foundation had a plan to build a school for Ban Kho En community, an act which the President said was highly commendable.

Meeting To Prepare For New Intake Of Students Into PPAO Schools For 2015



President Paiboon Upattising on January 30 chaired a meeting to prepare for a new intake of students into PPAO schools for the academic year 2015, at the meeting hall in PPAO offices. Present at the meeting were: President Advisor Boonserm Suwannarathphoom, Council Chairman Theera Jiasakul, Council Members Prasit Sinsaowapak, Wisansaya Polsin, and Supreeya Iam-wiwattanakul, Director of Education, Religion and Culture Ouiporn Sakultan, as well as administrators and teachers from PPAO schools.

The meeting discussed the planning and procedures for accepting new students and official announcement of school fees. The panel also agreed to the dates of student application, exams, and registrations as follows: Students Application AcceptedEntrance Exam Result Posted Registration Present in School Pre-school February 9 – 13 February 22 February 24 February 25 February 28 Primary 1 (Por 1) March 6 – 10 March 13 (draw lots) March 13 March 19 Secondary 1 (Mor 1) March 20 – 24 April 5 April 7 April 8 Secondary 4 (Mor 4) – students coming from other schools March 20 – 24 March 29 April 3 April 6 April 9 Following is the timetable for schools that provide special program and English program (EP): Students Application Accepted Entrance Exam Result Posted Resigtration Pre-school and Primary 1 February 9 – 13 February 22 February 24 February 25 (February 28 present in school) Applications for this last category will be opened from 8.30 am – 4.30 pm daily (including weekends). Students should apply directly to schools they wish to study.

New Year’s Wishes



President Paiboon Upattising welcomed various representatives who visited the President to extend their 2015 New Year’s wishes. They were: Byron Jones of Media Business Service; Jason Beaven of the Phuket News; and Pracha Atsawatheera, manager of Software Industry Promotion Agency (SiPa).

PPAO Oganizes Meeting A Preparation To The Annual Conference Of International Of Women’s Day 2015


Date on January 30, 2015 President Paiboon Ubatising to be the host of preparation of The Annual Conference of Women’s Day 2015 also included Soradham Jinda – Deputy of PPAO Phuket and Teera Jiasakul –Host of Committee and members of PPAO Committee. And head of department and member of participation who is concerned.

President Paiboon Ubatising said that we set up for The Women s day 2015 date on this March 7, 2015 at Sanamchai Yard Muang District Phuket province. On the Event day they will have activities booths show and sales etc (Other community, OTOP) and there are the booth of academic activates for health and beauty. We are also have the kiosks exhibition on International Women s Day, to be advise and consulting about legal knowledge of women s rights by the Officer of Social Development and Human Security Phuket, For this conference to consider the activities booths show and sell. (Other community, OTOP) for academic activity and health. There are kiosks exhibition on International Women s Day, consulting and legal knowledge of women s rights by the Office of Social Development and Human Security Phuket, to be consulting for primary health hospital jobs. Phuket, Empowerment Fund. Women Phuket Province. This events conference on Women Power ASEAN Unity by Professor Phayao Patpong (lecturer s guest, speaker independent) and the honors. Speaker Gold diamond needle From the TV – Channel 9 orator outstanding musician. The Expert and outstanding performance of user languages Thailand, and women s contributions to society that should be praised. Along with consider the activities the selection a woman who performs useful of the Year 2558 by PPAO. Phuket cooperation to local governments to consider women who contribute outstanding with members of the PPAO. Phuket in the area and the Board. Committees on Women Empowerment district by giving receive a list of qualified women for outstanding contributions to the PAO. Phuket on or before February 20, 2015, to prepare a list of announced and to prepare a plaque further. There are part competitive events to preserve the art and culture, including Phuket Province Phuket Cooking Contests Kao Yam Phuket, Nam Chup Yam Phuket (Nam Prik Phuket) Yum (chili Phuket) activities performed on stage to promote participation. By representatives Women in each district Management of Food and Beverage. The selection of Shop Local Food Festival Phuket and the Andaman Halal. The clean, tasty and hygienic. The participants will dress in traditional Phuket (Ya Yha) we would like to represent each district to coordinate and report the number of Women attending the program. It invites you to attend the preparation of the International Women s Day and again on March 2, 2015 at 14.30 hrs. At a council meeting. Phuket.

PPAO Signs MOU With Moral Promotion Centre, Takes Part In Fifth Assembly On Ethics And Honesty Within Local Government Organizations



Representing PPAO, President Paiboon Upattising on January 27 signed Memorandum of Understanding with the Moral Promotion Centre (Public Organization) and took part in the fifth assembly on ethics and honesty within local government organizations. Organized by the Moral Promotion Centre, the assembly was held at the Rama Garden Hotel, Vibhavadee Rangsit Road, in Bangkok, and was attended by member agencies, and representatives of 31 local government organizations.

President Paiboon was accompanied by Chief Administrator Watcharin Pathomwattanapong and Chief of Internal Audit Division Yongyut Laksanawiboonkul. The assembly aimed to bring about the establishment of moral codes of conduct within the society as outlined by the National Moral Codes Plan 2014 – 2015, to develop strategies to establish ethnical and moral values to seven target groups, and to encourage collaboration between agencies. During the assembly, participants attended lectures of various topics including: “the roles of local communities and moral reform,” and “Thai values and the promotion of moral codes at the grassroots level.” Additionally, 31 local government organizations including PPAO as well as representatives from seven member agencies signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The agencies were: the National Anti-Corruption Commission, Ministry of Culture, Political Development Council, Office of the Ombudsman Thailand, Department of Local Administration Promotion, Office of the Decentralization to the Local Government Organization Committee, and the Moral Promotion Centre.