Phuket Health Assembly 2014

Phuket Health Assembly 2014

Phuket Health Assembly 2014 On Tuesday October 14th 2014, PPAO Chief Executive – Paiboon Upattising took part in the Phuket Health Assembly 2014 which was held at Phuket Rajabhat University. During his visit, Chief Executive also signed a MoU on public health development which proposed by the assembly. Chaired by Governor – Nisit Chansomwong, the assembly was attended by 400 individuals made up of local government officials, representatives from private sectors, manufacturers, traders and consumers. A special lecture entitled “provincial health assembly and social well-being” was delivered by Dr Ampol Jindawattana, Secretary of the National Health Commission Office of Thailand (NHCO).

Phuket Health Assembly 2014 The health assembly is a process in which the public and government agencies exchange knowledge and acquire skills that form a basis for policy proposals on social well-being. The Phuket Health Assembly is inclusive and participatory-based. It has received support from members of the government, academic institutions, the public, and civic networking groups including health network groups from all 19 areas of local administrative offices, policy network groups, academic sectors, and social work groups.

Phuket Health Assembly 2014 The 2014 Phuket Health Assembly is issue-based and focuses on two key areas, namely a) Food Safety-Healthy Phuket, and b) the management of reused cooking oil. The Assembly considered these points most relevant to Phuket food environment where eating out is the norm – whether at restaurants, food vendors or markets. If food safety standards are not observed by restaurateurs or food vendors, the consumers’ health will be compromised. As a result, diseases such as gastroenteritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardio vascular disease, and cancer, will develop. Below par food standards also reflect badly on the tourism industry.

Phuket Health Assembly 2014 The food safety policy involves many sectors and therefore necessitates clear guidelines that stipulate roles and responsibilities assigned to involved parties. It also needs strong support from consumers and business owners. The process must be endorsed and regulated by responsible agencies.

Phuket Health Assembly 2014 Governor Nisit thanked all members Phuket Health Assembly. He also applauded the accompanying activities, which included a lecture on health process, exchanges of knowledge, brainstorming session on ‘health food market’, demonstrations on food checks, how to examine used cooking oil, using used oil to make bio diesel, health restaurants, safety food stalls, etc.


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