Phuket prepares for Phuket Andaman Halal 2014

Phuket prepares for Phuket Andaman Halal 2014

Phuket prepares for Phuket Andaman Halal 2014A meeting, chaired by Deputy Chief Executive – Soratham Jinda, to prepare for the “Phuket Andaman Halal 2014” fair was held at PPAO on May 6th. The meeting was attended by PPAO officials including Council Members – Sanya Singsrida, Boon-um Uerjittrakul, Nuanchan Samart, Wisansaya Polsin, and Supreeya Iam-wiwattanakul), Division Heads, along with the Committee on Muslim Women Activities, religious leaders and relevant sectors.

Organized by PPAO, in collaboration with the Sheikhul Islam Office of Thailand, the Phuket Andaman Halal 2014 fair, set to take place from May 28 – 31, aims to promote Phuket tourism through exhibitions of Muslim traditions and sale of local products. The fair’s components include the International Halal Standard Conference held at Phuket Graceland Resorts and Spa in Patong (May 28 – 30), and stalls selling Muslim food and local products at Sapan Hin in Phuket Town (May 30 – 31).

The meeting focused on setting up various committee groups to take care of aspects of organizational works. For the Phuket Andaman Halal 2014 conference, the working committees include: welcoming international guests; conference and catering; liaison with tourist sectors; and operations. For the Sapan Hin fair the committees include ceremonies and stage activities; control and liaison; activities within the fair, fair opening, media broadcasting, and sound and lighting. Venue organization works include: control and liaison, props preparation, prayer and wash area preparation, VIP guests area preparation, electricity, food and OTOP product stalls, clothes stalls, welcoming group, PR group, nurse station, security and traffic personnel.

A press conference for the fair is scheduled for May 20 at Phuket Graceland Resorts and Spa in Patong (2 pm).

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