Environmental workshops around Phuket in 2010

Here are some activities and initiatives you can take part in throughout the year to help keep planet “Phuket Sa-ard.” Think about it and do it!

Cherngtalay Cloth Bag Campaign for Green Phuket
Starting from 14 February 2010
Cherngtalay Sub-district Administrative Organisation will run a campaign responding to province policy to reduce plastic bag use by encouraging people to adopt cloth bags instead. It kicks off on Valentine’s Day. For more information, please contact Tel. 0-7632-4440 Fax. 0-7632-5292.

Patong Campaign on Global Warming
15 February – 31 March 2010
Patong Municipality plans to keep Patong a green area. You are most welcome to take part in planting, reusing, re-cycling and keeping Patong beach free of plastic or foam during campaign from February-March. Tel: 0-7634 4275 Fax 0-7634 4255.

Katathani Phuket Beach Resort World Environment Day
5 June 2010
Exhibitions and activities from 9:00 am till afternoon to raise environmental awareness among the community. Join beach clean-up and tree planting around and nearby the property. 400 tree giveaways for participants to plant at home.

Patong Bicycle Rally
June 2010
Bicycle Clubs in Phuket and public will gather for a bike rally to create awareness about the benefits of cycling concerning energy saving. The exact date is to be announced. Tel: 0-76344-275 Fax 0-76344-255.

Phuket Car Free Day 2010
20 September 2010
Give up your car for a day and take other actions to reduce your carbon footprint together with friends from around the world. For more information about the campaign, please contact Phuket Provincial Energy Office 0-7621-0178-9.

Rasada Big Cleaning Day 2010
January – September 2010
Get yourself ready and come out on the third Saturday of each month joining a clean up activity around Rasada Municipality’s area. Tel: 0-7652-5779 Fax: 0-76525-788

Patong Big Cleaning Day 2010
January – December 2010
The first Thursday of every month is scheduled as a coastal cleanup day for public and businesses in Patong this year. Meet up at the beach if you are close by at the time. We need your hands to help.

Sea and Coastal Waste Management Project

February-April 2010
The project is collaboration between Phuket Marine and Coastal Resources Conservation Centre and Local Administrative Organisations to clean up areas around the island and its archipelago.

PSU Phuket Recycle Bank
Throughout 2010
‘Trash to Treasure’. Donate recyclable items to garbage bank run by Prince of Songkla University Phuket Campus every Wednesday throughout the year. Revenues will be funded for underprivileged students’ loans. Tel: 0-7627-6061


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