Kick off : Phuket to be Free from Plastic Bags on Feb 14th

Teerayuth Aiumtrakul, Phuket Vice Governor, presided over the meeting on project called “Phuket Free from Plastic Bags”. The meeting was held at Phuket Public Health Office. Apart from the vice governor, there were Head of Phuket Energy Office, Head of Phuket Public Health Office and the related officers attended the meeting.

After the meeting, the vice governor said that Phuket will hold “Kick Off: The 5th Phuket Free from Plastic Bags Project” February 13th -15th. The event will take place at the Convention Hall of Central Festival Phuket Department Store. Furthermore at 4.00 p.m. on February 14th, the Minister of Ministry of Energy will preside over the MOU signing between heads of government offices, heads local administrative organizations and representatives from private section to avoid using the plastic bags.

Teerayuth also mentioned that, the project would be successful if everybody helps to reduce using plastic bags in their residences and offices and use the fabric bags instead of plastic and this can help to reduce more 50,000 tons of garbage in Phuket.


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    item–1 Phuket's less plastic bags campaign is to kick off on Valentine’s Day.
    The joint efforts of local authority and businesses is carried out under the theme ‘Phuket Green Island’. Phuket Vice Governor Teerayut Eamtrakul said at least 23 businesses and stores have signed a MOU – Memorandum of Understanding with the authority to join in the program. ……….[youtube bPMKRj24X7A



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