Laguna Phuket hosts kid’s summer camp

Laguna Phuket hosts kid’s summer camp

Laguna Phuket hosts kid’s summer camp Banyan Tree Management Academy (BTMA), who oversees Banyan Tree Group’s people development, recently organised their annual week long kid’s camp at its facilities in Laguna. In line with Banyan Tree Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility goal to “Embrace the Environment, Empower People”, BTMA invited the children of the associates at Laguna Phuket to participate in the camp for a week of interactive learning using  both  classroom and outdoor settings.

This year’s kid’s camp saw the participation of 30 children aged nine to 14 learning to work as a team on many of the activities, under the guidance and supervision of associates at Laguna Phuket.  The junior participants aged nine to 11, worked on the theme of “Amazing Elephants” and learnt how to research online from associates from the IT department. To build their confidence in communication, the children were given the task of presenting their ideas on protecting the endangered elephants from poaching and loss of habitat.

The seniors aged 12 to 14 worked on the theme of “CSR Harmony” and were taught how to design a simple webpage. Associates also imparted lessons on personal values through the use of role plays. The final day of the camp saw both groups joining together to present to the judges that comprised of senior associates from Laguna Phuket. The winning team from the junior group presented their ideas on elephant protection through the use of PowerPoint, while the senior team shared their webpages on how can do our part to save the world.

The winning teams took home prizes and were presented to them by Mr. Sriram Kailasam, General Manager of Banyan Tree Phuket.

Ms. Foong Poh Mun, VP, People Development, BTMA said, “We are happy that the children from this year’s camp had the opportunity to learn useful skills that they can use in school. The CSR themes chosen this year are true to what Banyan Tree stands for and what the children learnt will also a long way to helping them develop into fine young adults.”

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