Over 40,000 Chinese tourists to come to Phuket during the Chinese New Year Festival

Chinese tourists coming to Phuket Somboon Jrayus, the President of Phuket Tourism Association, said there would be over 40,000 Chinese tourists coming to Phuket during the Chinese New Year Festival, February 1st-10th 2011. Most of them are from Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming, and Hong Kong. The room reservations for beachfront hotels have reached 100% already.

Most of the Chinese tourist bought package tours to Phuket. However, there is 10% coming to travel on the island by themselves. Somboon commented “Chinese tourists have high purchasing power; we will see this from their spending rate in department stores on the island.” He added that Phuket Tourism Association plan to do a road show in Shanghai and Beijing this April and to attend an ITB event to, be held in Germany, to promote Phuket tourism.


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