Climate change in the Andaman affects sea turtle’s egg laying

sea turtles Phuket Marine Biological Center worries that the climate change in the Andaman will affect the sea turtles because they will not to lay their eggs.

Kongkiat Kittiwattanwong, Head of Wild Marine Animal Department, said that normally, during November – March of every year, sea turtles have been coming to lay their eggs on the beaches along the Andaman coast. However, there has not be any report of sea turtles found laying egg in this region yet.

It might be because of climate change which has made the temperature in this region decrease. Kongkiat mentioned that the decreasing temperature didn’t suit turtles wanting to lay their eggs. The correct temperature is 29 Celsius degree.

Last year, there were 50 nests of turtle eggs found in the Andaman. However, the incubation rate was low and some of the eggs were rotten since the nests were too close to the sea.


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