Phuket to spend 140 million baht in hosting 2012 National Youth Games

phuketTri Akaradecha, the Governor of Phuket, called in representatives of related sectors to a meeting that focused on preparation of the 2012 National Youth Games which would be held in Phuket.

Tri said that this national youth sport event would be held on March 18th-28th 2012. It would be the 28th National Youth Games held in Thailand. This meeting aimed to follow up about public relations, the stadiums and competition fields, accommodation, and the budget.

Meanwhile Wairat Patee, a representative from the Sports Authority of Thailand Phuket’s office said that there would be 28 kinds of sport in the 2012 National Youth Games. The budget used to hold the event would be 140 million baht. The Sports Authority of Thailand had given 55 million baht for the event; 23 million baht would be used in supporting money for the host province, 7 million baht used to renovate the stadiums and competition fields, 20 million baht for supporting money for the region 5 host location, and 5 million baht as privilege money for the host province. The rest of the budget would be given by local private and government organizations.


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