Singaporean investor discussed with Phuket Governor about Tuna processing business

Singaporean investor On January 7th 2010, Supakorn Boonkamaied, the coordinator of Seaspire International’s Phuket Company said after a meeting with Tri Akadecha, the Governor of Phuket, the company had discussed with the governor about the possibility of investing in tuna processing business in Phuket. Seaspire is a company with headquarters located in Singapore. It has subsidiary companies in many countries such as China and Indonesia.

The reason that the company wanted to open its business in Phuket is the changing habitat of tuna which are heading more towards Phuket due to climate change. As the company representative, Supakorn asked the governor about the way that the province could support the investor in this business since the company really wants to establish its new branch on the island.

He added that there were 200 of Seaspire’s fishing boats in Phuket and 300 in Indonesia. Once the government agreed to support the investment of the company, the boats in Indonesia would head to Phuket immediately. The business would focus on tuna processing in order to add value to the fish before exported to other countries. The main targets of this business are America and Japan. He said that the company wanted the government to support infrastructure location and freezers.


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