Donate food for street dogs and cats at Lotus’s

Donate food for street dogs and cats at Lotus’s

Lotus’s and Pet Us store are supporting Soi Dog Foundation through their “Feed us at Lotus’s” campaign in an effort to help street dogs and cats.

From today until December 31, 2023, anyone shopping at or stopping by Lotus’s can purchase dog or cat food and drop it off at the donation points in participating Lotus’s branches, which include Lotus’s SamKong, Lotus’s Thalang, Lotus’s Chalong and Pet Us store at Lotus’s Thalang.

Soi Dog Foundation is a non-profit organisation, operating entirely on the support of kind individuals who wish to improve the lives of homeless animals. The “Feed us at Lotus’s” campaign aims to provide a convenient way for individuals to contribute to Soi Dog, which is currently providing shelter and care to more than 1,900 animals at its sanctuary in Mai Khao.


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