4G Thailand, The First 100 Mbps

4G Thailand, The First 100 Mbps


This is the first time in Thailand when Public and Private Agencies consisting of Ministry of Information and communication Technology, National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, TOT, CAT Telecom, AIS and DPC, join force in Thailand’s first hi-speed wireless broadband employing 4G technology or Long Term Evolution – LTE, assuring full-fledged capabilities, available for consumers to experience 4G technology in Bangkok and upcountry before the official bidding soon.

Group Captain Anudith Nakorntap, Minister of Information and Communication Technology, addressed in the opening of “4G Thailand the First 100 Mbps.” “In accordance with the policy “Smart Thailand” by Ministry of ICT, besides the effort to adopting technology to develop country’s communication infrastructure fueling the growth of Internet access for Thai people, the sourcing of advanced technology that widens opportunity for every group of peopleto access hi-speed Internet playing a key role in economic growth of the country. This leads to the testing of 4G technology or Long Term Evolution – LTE today under the collaboration of Public and Private Agencies including National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, the Agency approving the test, TOT Public Company Limited, CAT Telecom Public Company Limited, Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited and Digital Phone Company Limited as the Operators. The cooperation marks the milestone and paves the way for further co-development in moving forward with strength supported by most advanced telecommunication technology.”

Air Chief Marshal Tharet Punsri, Chairman of National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission and Colonel Settapong Malisuwan Ph.d., Deputy Chairman of National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, as the Regulator and Approver for this testing, together disclosed the rationales of the test. “Besides the allocation of radio frequency and technology of telecommunications, broadcasting and television in order for service users and the nation to have access to efficient, speedy and accurate service on equal and fair basis, roles and responsibilities of NBTCare to keep abreast of latest technologies arising as the opportunity for people and country, experiment and test for benchmarking prior to the official bidding in the future.

“LTE – Long Term Evolution technology, known as 4G, is one of tomorrow’s technologies featuring hi-speed wireless broadband. Having insight into properties of the technology is of importance. Therefore NBTC has approved TOT Public Company Limited, CAT Telecom Public Company Limited, Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited and Digital Phone Company Limited to set up experimenting equipment for 2 technologies in 2 areas including:

  1. The project Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) Experiment and Testing in 2300 MHz frequency with Long Term Evolution technology using Time Division Duplex or TDD signal in inner Bangkok from Rama 1 road to Mahboonklong Center and Central World and outer Bangkok from Government Complex, Ministry of ICT to TOT Office Chaengwattana, totaling 20 Base Stations, on testing period during mid-May 2012.
  2. The project 4th Generation Mobile Phone Testing in 1800 MHz with Long Term Evolution technologyusing Frequency Division Duplex or FDD in Mahasarakham from 8 Base Stations located in MahasarakhamUniversity and Rajabhat Maha SarakhamUniversity, on testing period during mid-March 2012.

Incorporating Technical Trial scheme on a Non Commercial basis, the test will be open for technical staff and sampling group including people and students to participate in order for the Operators to prepare and understand demand of users in the coverage area. The NBTC will employ information to formulate the bidding expected in the near future.”

Mr.Tanawat Ampunant Acting Chief Executive Officer of TOT Public Company Limited, Mr. Kajornsak Singhaseni, Senior Executive Vice President of CAT Telecom Public Company Limited, together disclosed “Besides the Operator’s roles to render best service to customers, TOT and CAT have cooperated and shared success with Partners AIS and DPC for long time as the Contractual Parties in selecting and learning new technologies to enhance experience and prepare for the official bidding by managed the Government.

“We are talking about a physical formation of “Smart Thailand.” Part of which is the expansion of Broadband that allows people to have easy access to the Internet or data use through High speed Internet. The arrival of 4G technology enables personal use and makes easy access to hi-speed wireless Internet on Wifi by using 4G Air card and Wifi Adaptor. This highlights the overall picture of National Broadband policy by Ministry of ICT.” Mr.Tanawat stressed.

“In addition, engineering learning in diverse areas is essential. Today upcountry market experience an accelerating growth of Data, especially among the new generation. Having this characteristic, Mahasarakham has been selected for the testing location. The 1800 MHz frequency is sufficient for testing without disturbing existing service. We expect testing result to provide technical point of view and customer requirements.” Kajornsak added.

Regarding the background of testing and testing details from Private Segment, Mr. Wichian Mektrakarn, Chief Executive Officer of AIS, and Mr. Weerawat Kiattipongthaworn, President of DPC, unveiled. “Today Data users in our network reach 10 million in number, a strong evidence of exponential growth in the near future. The search of future technology to make progress is as crucial as retaining best service of today. AIS and DPC, as the Private Agencies rich in readiness and over 20 years of experience in wireless communication technology service embracing knowledge, engineering knowhow, network calibration technique and the development of Applications tailored to target group in terms of total solution, therefore propose the testing of 4G in 2 schemes via 2 frequencies and 2 places as such in order to enhance skills, learn new technology as well as converging with existing technology for full preparation of the upcoming bidding invitation.”

“Another main objective is that we intend to serve our nation by bringing latest technologies for Thai people to experience before anyone in an effort to benchmarking the applications in various objectives including education, medication, entertainment and other industries depending on hi-speed wireless communication for basic infrastructure extending the growth. We are ready for new technologies from all perspectives. When the bidding takes place, all integral parts will be immediately utilised without learning period.”

Weerawat talked about testing format. “AIS and DPC focus on 4G study in terms of speed, reliability, coverage area, usage on mobility, handover under continuous coverage (tested only in Mahasarakham), relation between frequency range and frequency width relevant to effectiveness of LTE technology, speed of content access, HD Multimedia an Applications accurate to consumers’ demand. According to overseas field trip, the service 3G and 4G are operated together. The 3G serves as fundamental structure with widest coverage area to accommodate daily life and lifestyle use of data while the 4G suits in-depth functionality such as education institutes requiring academic information, hospitals or medical research centers through Telemedicine or entertainment business requiring a broad spectrum of Multimedia. The testing obviously captures the trend.”

Wichian concluded “The testing features Technology Trial. The Government sector places importance and well cooperate with us. Moreover we receive great supports from the Manufacturer Partners including Cisco, Huawei and Nokia-Siemens Network. We expect that the complete test results from all perspectives assure readiness of the Entrepreneurs endowed with knowledge and capabilities in leveraging new technologies as well as sovereign preparation to cope with 4G or even 3G technologies necessary for humane, social and economic development to be officially launched following a fair bidding process. In terms of Private sector, AIS and DPC affirms that we are ready in all aspects to operate and deliver services to Thai people, not to mention 3G, 4G and other future technologies when the Government announces the bid for license.”

The 4G Thailand, the First 100 Mbps testing welcomes people to participate in the 4G technology debut. Test spots will be set up in coverage area to accept responses and comments from real consumers, the most key successful factor in putting these technologies in place for service rollout in the near future.


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