Phuket to fucus on 4 key development strategies in 2011

20 November 2009 – The advisor of Bureau of the Budget, Office of Prime Minister, Ms Nilubon Kruanopparat yesterday joined the meeting to follow up projects of the fiscal year 2009 and 2010 of Phuket as well as to get the overall picture of the performance presented by Vice Governor Tree Akaradecha.

Areas of Concern were a public park and pond dredging at Kathu Mining Museum (Kathu District), a Bang Yai canal earthen dyke construction project to change direction of the water flow towards  Bang Wad Reservoir (Phuket Provincial Irrigation Office), and a highway development project to enhance the accessibility to Patong (Phuket Highway District).

Vice Governor Tree revealed the Province got THB 174 million budget for 30 projects under the provincial development plan 2009. 21 projects of which accomplished. 9 of them are on the execution stage. While 27 projects for the year 2010 are still waiting for money approval from Bureau of the Budget.

“The province will focus on 4 key development strategies. Those are, to develop Phuket as a world’s top destination for sea travel, for Phuket people to have a quality life in unique culture, for a sustainable development, and for province to have an excellent administration.” said Vice Governor Tree.


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