Phuket aiming to raise potential of teachers

Phuket aiming to raise potential of teachers

Phuket aiming to raise potential of teachersA training course to raise the potential of teachers and staff of PPAO schools was held recently at the Phuket Provincial Hall. PPAO Chief Executive – Paiboon Upattising presided over the course launch which was attended by PPAO officials and teachers and staff of PPAO-schools. Accompanying the Chief Executive at the launch were PPAO officials including Chief Advisor – Boonserm Suwannarathphoom, Chief Administrator – Watcharin Pathomwattanapong, Council Members – Theera Jiasakul and Supreeya Iam-wiwattanakul, and division heads.

Phuket aiming to raise potential of teachersThe course, taught by Dr Dusadee Jungsirakulwit from the Department of Mental Health, was attended by 500 personnel from PPAO schools made up of 214 government officials, 170 teachers and 116 staff. The course aims to raise the quality of life and work of schoolteachers, and included subjects such as self-motivation and management, communication skills development, teamwork and learning in groups, techniques on work-life balance as well work ethics.

Phuket aiming to raise potential of teachersMr Paiboon thanked all teachers and schools administrators for “doing well” and working hard so that PPAO schools are recognized nationally. These recognitions are the result of the teachers’ tireless work and also the work of PPAO Education, Religion and Culture Division as well as input by the PPAO Council. These recognitions are extended to all students who are proud to study in PPAO institutions.

The Chief Executive wished all teachers happiness in teaching students to become upstanding members of society. Happiness, he said, is in the giving whether love, smile or goodwill.


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