Phuket Immigration Office and Phuket Red Cross opened ‘Blood Bank’ for special blood group

phuketOn December 7th, Nalinee Akaradecha, the President of Phuket Red Cross, presided over the opening of a ‘Blood Bank’, special blood donation project held by Phuket Red Cross and Phuket Immigration Office. The project aimed to generate more blood donations, especially special blood group of Rh Negative. There were only 0.3% of Thai citizens that had this group of blood.

Pol. Col. Panuwat Ruamrak, the Commander of Phuket Immigration Office, said that there were over 6 million tourists coming to Phuket each year; some of them had accidents and needed blood. However, Phuket blood bank did not have enough spare of the special blood group, therefore the project ‘Blood Bank’ was established to generate more donated special blood group in order to help injured foreigners in time. Moreover, the project was also a celebration of the H.M. the King’s 83rd birthday anniversary.

Blood Bank is located in the area of Phuket Immigration Office, there would a staff of Phuket National Blood Service Section waiting to facilitate blood donations for Thais and foreigners, as well as surveying information of foreigners living in Phuket in order to contact them in emergency cases. (It is assumed that they will be contacted once there is a case needing their blood.)


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