A New Vision | Verso International School Bangkok

A New Vision | Verso International School Bangkok

Introducing Bangkok’s Newest International School | Vision and Mission

Verso is a new international school in Bangkok with a vision for the future of education. This is no ordinary international school, but a place that aims to spark curiosity, knowledge, and growth. VERSO’s methods of teaching are hands-on and collaborative, allowing children to think creatively and critically. Educators place trust and confidence in their students, creating opportunities to discover their talents, skills, and strengths. If you’re searching for an incredible international school in Bangkok, you’ll want to consider VERSO as your top choice.

Students Lead Their Own Journey

VERSO International School Bangkok’s vision is unlike any other; students are encouraged to take control of their learning style. In giving students this freedom, they can begin to develop their own skills for the future. It’s imperative now more than ever that students learn the importance of taking the initiative in a fast-moving world. VERSO’s personalized learning enables students to highlight their strengths to meet their individual needs.
Because VERSO encourages student-led learning, this will excite students to dig deeper into their knowledge. They will start asking questions and be more engaged with their peers and educators. Instead of sitting in a classroom for eight hours a day, students will get the chance to engage in multiple activities, hands-on learning, projects, and active environments that will stimulate them instead of burning them out. This is a crucial change from the traditional classroom, and VERSO is making big moves to redefine learning and education.

Flexible Learning Environment

VERSO aims to create a space that’s inspiring, creative, and fun for students. Learning doesn’t have to be rigid and linear. At VERSO, we emphasize the power of flow and movement in education. The concept of flow inspires the design of the school; the circular buildings represent togetherness and fluidity in learning. The surrounding nature and natural landscapes also blend in with the classrooms, sparking a sense of serenity and creativity on campus.

VERSO International School Bangkok’s vision is to not only create a flexible physical space but to add flexibility when it comes to student grouping, time, and curriculum. Each class can be shortened or lengthen depending on current events or activities. Allowing flexibility in time is often more realistic and natural, giving students the freedom to make meaningful connections across subjects, and personalize their learning journey.

Unique Partnerships

The school is also partnered with strong organizations and design thinking firms to create a campus that is smartly designed for the future. VERSO’s strong vision as an international school in Bangkok will create the blueprint needed to shift the mindset from traditional to progressive learning. The school is partnered with forward-thinking organizations such as IDEO–a global design and innovation firm–to help visualize and execute what a dynamic campus could look like through a human-centred approach to architectural design.

Other partners include U City Plc., an affiliate of well-known developer BTS Group Holdings Plc., and in cooperation with Fortune Hand Ventures Ltd. VERSO International School is a USD 162 million investment and is Thailand’s largest international school.

The school is set to open in August 2020 with the capacity to enroll 1,800 students (Thai and international).

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