Let’s get to know Phuket backpacking!

Let’s get to know Phuket backpacking!


Backpacking is simple low-cost travel. Just one backpack with a few necessary items is all that is needed for the trip. Phuket is an island at the top of the list that backpackers around the world should pay attention to. It’s an amazing experience, whether you look at the culture, traditions, nature, food or the beautiful and charming buildings. Because Phuket is a small island, backpackers can get to see all the locations, there are no barriers and the cost is affordable too.

Let’s get to know Phuket backpacking!

Focuses on long stay but paying less. Most rooms will be shared occupancy, 4-8 beds per room, with shared bathrooms. Usually, the rates per night depend on the amount of beds in the room. More beds, cheaper price. However, staying in this type of accommodation usually means you stay with strangers. Thai people are not accustomed to this style of living. However, foreigners are not worried about sharing. For those who have never experienced it, we suggest this is one experience you should try.


When you travel to Phuket you must taste the local Phuket food. Phuket has a long history regarding its food. Many of Phuket’s dishes have a hint of Chinese due to the large Chinese community within Phuket and this is clear with dishes such as Mee Hoon Pa Chang, Oh Tao, Ah Pong, Oh Aew, Hokkien Mee etc. The easiest place to find these dishes is the market; here there is a large variety of food which is very cheap. You can enjoy each dish with flavours that suit you own palette. However, if you’re too lazy to walk, the restaurants on the road side are another choice. They have menus for typical, quick and simple Thai dishes.


If it’s economical travel you want, it has to be the local bus. Before use, study the bus routes and the service rate. However, seeing the atmosphere beside the road would provide you with a different kind of emotion. If you love an adventure and want to go anywhere by yourself, motorcycle is the best choice for you. Just be careful when you ride in town as the roads are busy and quite complicated too.

Shopping and souvenir of phuket such as “Expo Phuket” Here’s open everyday from 10am till 9pm. This place is big and airy and is popular for both locals and tourists. Here’s features everything you’re looking for, with very cheap price. Anyway, if you looking for snack or sweetmeat of phuket. “Keng Tin” is a once choice that you should visit. Here’s the historical of phuket. Every snack are the original formular as the word say; “Every piece you eat is the historical of phuket old town”

The market is the best place for you to go. Phuket’s most famous market is the “Na-Ka Market” or better known to foreigners as “The night market”. The market is open every Saturday and Sunday from 17.00-21.00hrs. This market is big and airy and is popular for both locals and tourists. The market features everything you’re looking for, with very cheap prices.

What you should take…

1. Money: it’s the most important thing.

2. Map: (you can get from the tourist information counter at the airport). You should plan your trip before so you can calculate your spending.

3. Clothes: don’t take too much because you might be shopping later.

4. Flip-flops: Phuket is famous for its beaches. You won’t want to be wearing shoes your entire trip, right?

5. Plastic bag: Just in case you need to protect your electronic stuff, you never know it might rain on your trip.
6. Pocketknife: You never know when it will come in handy.

7. Lighter: Same as the pocketknife, you never know when it will be needed.

8. Mobile phone: All vital information or help is just a phone call away. If you need urgent help you don’t have time to wait for a reply to an email, right?

9. Medicines: You don’t know if you’ll be near a pharmacy so take a good first aid kit. Safety first is better.

10. Camera: You wouldn’t be a tourist if you didn’t have your camera and you’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t capture those memorable moments to share with other people.

We Hope that you’re enjoyed our backpacking experience and found our tips useful. Make the most ok your time backpacking and more importantly enjoy yourselves.


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