Mango Pudding

If talking about Thai dessert, which made from mango, absolutely all of us think about Thai sticky rice and mango, but its calorie is high.

Hence, today I would like to recommend special recipe: Mango pudding. Its benefits are boosting up the brain, surely low fat and healthy. The method is extremely easy for people in rush.


Soybean Milk                   2 boxes
Gelatin                              4 teaspoons
Water                                1/4 cup
Rice Bran                         1/4 cup
Diced Ripe Mango         1
Blended Ripe Mango    1
Caster Sugar                   2 teaspoons
Mint leaves                       4-5 leaves


  • Mix gelatin with water and stir them until melt.
  • Pour soybean milk and blended gelatin in a pot until boil.
  • Pour blended ripe mango, diced ripe mango and rice bran, stir them together and put all in bowl then take them in a refrigerator.
  • Top with a piece of mango and mint leaf before serving.

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