Ceremonies regarding Khun Louis

Khun Louis
Khun Louis

Thadthong temple in Bangkok, Sala 16

Date: Wednesday 18 May

  • 18:00 Buddhist ceremony
  • 20:00 Cremation

After Khun Louis’ cremation, his ashes will be carried back to Phuket and a Buddhist ceremony will be held at Wat Tai (Lutthiwanaram Temple) according to Khun Louis’ wishes.

Wat Tai is not far from Chalong Circle, past the police station on the left hand side coming from the circle going towards Phuket Town.

Date: Sunday 22 May 2011

  • 10:30 start of the Buddhist prayer ceremony
  • 11:00 we will offer food to the monks

Boathouse staff and Khun Louis’ friends are all welcome to attend the prayer ceremony at the temple.

Afternoon (exact time not yet known)

Khun Louis’ family and close friends will scatter his ashes in a private ceremony in Phang Nga Bay.

For more information please contact the Boathouse Lisa Sol T: 076 330 015


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