Public Hearing on Phuket Light Rail Project

February 22nd, 2010 – Wichai Praisa-ngob, the Governor of Phuket, presided over the meeting to discuss about the road map of the light rail construction around Phuket and airport routes. The related people who joined the meeting were Tossaporn Thepabutr, Phuket’s member of House of Representatives, Panot Suriya, the Deputy Director of Transportation Plan and Policy Office, Chaianan Sutthikon, the Mayor of Kathu, Manote Panchalard, the President of Cherngtalay Sub-district Administrative Organization and others.

Wichai said that there will be a public hearing on the light rail project. People who attend the event will be the representatives from Phuket Sub-commisioner of Traffic and the locals. It’s an opportunity for every party to discuss and conclude if Phuket really need the light rail. Then the conclusion will be passed over to the government and Transportation Plan and Policy Office. Consequently, if Phuket needs the project, the government will choose the contractors or organization to run it.

Tossaporn mentioned that since Phuket is a world renowned tourist destination and the airport is about to be expanded; now is the right time for the island to establish the light rail. He revealed about the potential routes of the light rail project including Route 1 Airport – Chalong Circle, Route 2 Patong – Phuket Town, and Route 3 Bangku – Chalong Circle. He personally believes that Route 1 of the light rail can help to reduce traffic jam on Thepkrasattri Road and enhance the transportation standard of the island.

Manote Panchalard, the President of Cherntalay Sub-district Administrative Organization, said that he is ready to support the project and talk to the locals about what the island gets from this project. While Chaianan Sutthikul, Kathu Mayor, agreed that Phuket should establish its light rail which is the standard transportation used in developed countries but the government must listen to the locals’ voices before starting the project since it might affect their way of life.

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