Phuket Tries to Solve the Out System Debt Problem

On February 4th, Chaiwat Thepi, the Permanent Secretary of Phuket, presided over the meeting with the officers related sections to find out the solutions to solve the out system debt problem.

Chaiwat said that after the government has revealed the policy about out system debt problem and informed people who has the out system obligation to registered at the government’s banks nationwide. The registration was extended to Jan 31st and related sections so the related sections and officers have to arrange the debt compound between the registrated people and their creditors within June 16th, 2010.

Now in Phuket, there were 4,330 registrated out system debt case with the total debt amount at 456,576,969 baht. Therefore he mentioned that every related office have to help the government to solve the problem by dateline. The Debt Compound Committee will set up in every district and in each month they have to compound debt at 25 percent of all cases they got before sending the report to the Province. The province also assigned the special committee to follow up the project from each area.


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