Phuket Development Plan for Family

February 10th ,2010, Teerayuth Aiumtrakul, the Vice Governor of Phuket, presided over the meeting of Phuket Welfare Promotion Committee 1/2553 to find out the committee members’ opinions in family development in Phuket.
The main agenda of the meeting were to reveal information about budget management for welfare promotion in 2010 which is 1,200,000 baht, report the result of community hearing o January 27th ,2010. There were 6 problems found from the hearing included family problem caused by divorced parents, deceived children and youths, undesirable pregnant, environment problem, unemployed handicapped and outreach people, people’s poverty problem.

Moreover, there was a review of family situation in Phuket. The committee revealed that there were 3 factors making the weakness of family included uncompleted responsibilities of family members, declined relationship among family members, and people lack of their life concepts. The situation has to be analyzed thoroughly to find out solutions of family development which will be put in 2013 Provincial Development Year Plan.


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