Phuket Chamber of Commerce proposes building Airport Link to government

Airport Link

Chairman of Phuket Chamber of Commerce, Dr.Sirichai Silpa-archa, proposed 5 subjects to the government in the meeting to solve economic problems. 

The first subject proposed was to bury the sterilized garbage at Saphin Hin and change it to a underwater reservoir. It is to lessen the amount of garbage in the incinerator and to leave some space for building a new reservoir. The second subject was to manage transportation system by building the Airport Link from Phuket International Airport to Chalong Circle and also provide public buses. To promote building the railway from Surat Thani to Takuathung, Phang Nga was one of the subjects. To promote Phuket as a special economic zone for tourism and trade so that they can manage the budget was another subject proposed. The last subject was to build a big sport complex in Phuket so that it can hold sport competitions in the future.

Dr.Sirichai Silpa-archa also mentioned that two other projects were proposed as well. One was to build more road lanes into 4 lanes starting from Chumphon to Phang Nga, Krabi and Satun to turn them into a route of Andaman coastal tourism called “Riviera Andaman.” The other was to build double railway tracks from Chumphon to other lower southern provinces.


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