Phuket Destroys Violated Copyright Products

February 8th, 2010, Alongkorn Pollabutr, the Commerce Vice Minister, presided over the violated copyright products destruction help by Phuket government officers at the concrete ground, Phuket Municipality’s rubbish cinerator.

Alongkorn said that all the destroyed products had been proved violated copyright under the cooperation between Phuket Provincial Police, the IP Department, Phuket Municipality and Phuket Provincial. There were 217.686 of pants, bags, watches, sunglasses, and CDs cost 43.694,546 Baht of economic damage. He also mentioned that the apprehension statistic between January – October 2009 was very good. There were 6,731 cases with 5,035,199 violated copyright products. He further handed over the sigh used in the campaign against the violated copyright products to the related offices to put around Phuket.


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