Chinese Consulate Office opens in Phuket

Chinese Consulate Office opens in Phuket

Chinese Consulate Office opens in PhuketOn Thursday November 6th 2014, PPAO President Paiboon Upattising took part in the opening ceremony and dinner reception of the Chinese Consulate in Phuket. Mr Damrong Kraikruan, Director-General of Department East Asian Affairs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ning Fukui, Ambassador of Thailand Chinese Embassy both gave opening speeches. The ceremony was also attended by Phuket Governor – Nisit Chansomwong, Phang Nga – Governor Prayoon Ratanaseni, Wang Hui Chen – Chinese Vice Consul of Phuket, and dignitaries.

Chinese Consulate Office opens in PhuketDr Damrong congratulated the people of Phuket and neighbouring provinces for having an opportunity to enjoy the service of the new Chinese Consulate, which represents the friendship of the two countries. The presence of the Chinese Consulate, he said, was an important occasion marking the growth of the relationship between the two countries especially at a community level.

Chinese Consulate Office opens in PhuketMr Damrong said “As a Thai, I am proud to see foreigners visiting and enjoying our country and our hospitality as well as experiencing our cuisine and culture. An exchange of cultures through tourism will bring about goodwill between the two countries and is the basis for further cooperation in other areas.”

Chinese Consulate Office opens in PhuketMr Ning Fukui said “I am delighted to be witnessing this important event. Thai-China friendship goes back a long way and our people consider themselves more like relatives. Thailand and China share common roots and enjoy long political, economical and cultural connections. The rapid growth in China’s economy means that many companies now venture abroad to trade, invest and for leisure.

Chinese Consulate Office opens in Phuket“At present Chinese tourists form an important part of Thailand’s tourism industry resulting in a rapid tourism development between the two countries. For this reason, there is a need to set up the Chinese Consulate to service both Chinese tourists and Thais wishing to visit China. The Consulate, will offer quality and speedy services which will surely result in further developments in relationships in the areas of tourism, culture, economy and trade.”

Chinese Consulate Office opens in Phuket

The new Chinese Consulate offices are located in Royal Plaza on By-pass Road, opposite Tesco-Lotus.


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