Hotels in Phuket to include service charges in salary this April

service charge

Hotel entrepreneurs in Phuket and Thai Hotel Association, together, proposed to the Ministry of Labor to remove tourism and other service industries from 300 Baht minimum daily wage policy.

Trisara’s human resources manager and Phuket Personnel Management Association, Mr.Nares Srinak, said that 142 hotels and tourism organizations in the association proposed to Mr.Padermchai Sasomsab of Ministry of Labor to solve the problems of increasing salary in Phuket which affects the capital.

The association wants the Ministry of Labor whether to stop launching 300 Baht minimum daily wage policy on tourism and other service industries due to the fact that service charges are already paid together with their salary or to provide basic welfare such as transportation, food, uniform, health insurance, and life insurance.

However, Mr.Padermchai Sasomsab mentioned that hotel and tourism workers’ salary will be increased to 300 Baht daily starting this April 1st, but the issue of including service charges in salary will later be regulated.

On the other hand, Mr.Vijit Dasantad, President of the Phuket Hotel and Services Union, and Mr.Lae Dilokvittayarat, a lecturer of Faculty of Economics at Chulalongkorn University, disagreed with the point of including service charges in salary since service charges are money paid by customers to all workers, not from the employers’ capital.


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