Daragh O Higgins on TechWorX and smart home technology

“Listening to and looking after our customers is what keeps our reputation so high and is our top priority”

Daragh O Higgins - Managing Director of TechWorX Projects
Daragh O Higgins - Managing Director of TechWorX Projects

With the ever increasing demand for home automation technology in Phuket’s booming real estate market, we are seeing more and more companies rise up inresponse. TechWorX is one such company that plans to seize this opportunity. Reportedly 40% of new Australian homes now have “smart wiring” as standard and with more and more international customers insisting on this technology, the business of home automation on the island also seems set to take off. Here we will get to know Daragh O’Higgins, his company TechWorX, and his thoughts.

Daragh O’Higgins came to Thailand about three years ago when Europe was facing an economic recession. Seeing a huge gap in the Thailand market, Daragh used his almost 30 year experience in audio visual, electrical, marine and IT based systems, gained mainly in Europe, to establish TechWorX in Thailand in partnership with Kay O‘Higgins and Tim Margetts

What does TechWorX do actually?

Basically we are a design and installation company for audio visual, lighting, electrical and automation systems. We offer the complete package from design to installation and commissioning with full after sales service. We are based in Phuket with two other locations in Samui and Pattaya, but can cater for work across Thailand and the SE Asian region.

What is the most important thing you think works for your business?

We are strongly committed to deliver a very good personalized service. Listening to and looking after our customers is what keeps our reputation so high and is our top priority. When people come to us, we listen and try to find out what they really want and then suggest things they maybe wouldn’t have dreamt of. We then go back and design a system and explain what can be done. This also goes along with sincere and dedicated after sales support.

How is home automation technology going now?

Home automation technology has advanced a lot in the last five years especially with the introduction of new IP based systems and integration with the Apple iPad. It makes home automation a lot easier and a lot cheaper than it was. Home automation, which used to be very exclusive for just a few homes is now available to a broader public.

If I happen to be interested in home automation, what will I need?

The most important thing, when building a new house, is to install structured cablin, we call this smart wiring. With this in place it gives you the option to install and upgrade extra systems as and when you want to. For existing properties there are also wireless solutions to retro-fit any home.

How about the trend in home automation? Is it possible to see every house in the world equipped with this technology?

I think as time goes on it will become a standard, just like the electric, telephone or TV systems in your home. What degree of automation people will have, I can’t be sure but it is becoming more and more prevalent. A lot of condominiums we are working on are including automation as standard.

So who does home automation suit?

It’s been invented for everyone but obviously not for every house. Better to say it’s for anyone who wants it. The costs for a home automation system have a wide price range but significantly add value to the property after you install it. Home automation systems help save energy especially through lighting and climate control, which is now a matter of concern for many people apart from the obvious lifestyle benefits.

Many thanks to Daragh O’Higgins. We wish you a successful business here in Phuket.

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