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Property management is about solving problems and maintaining standards. It relies on tenacity and experience to resolve all manner of problems, technical, legal, financial, and human.

CB Richard Ellis has been solving problems and managing properties in Thailand since 1990 and in Phuket since 2004. Since then we have grown to manage over 25 properties in Phuket, dealt with unique technical challenges and have developed systems and procedures that adopt international standards and best practices that are suitable for use in the Bangkok and Phuket markets. We have not seen it all but in this market real experience counts and we have this in abundance.

proThe goal of the CB Richard Ellis Property Management team is to preserve and enhance the capital and rental value of properties.

Scope of Work

CB Richard Ellis Property Management Services team manages office, retail, industrial, residential properties, as well as vacant land to effectively maximise our client’s return on investment. We provide measurable results across a spectrum of services, including the following:

  • Property management services for resort villas, condominium, apartments & retail properties
  • Engineering & preventative maintenance
  • Accounting & financial reporting
  • Human resources, recruitment & training
  • Value enhancement
  • Energy management
  • Safety programs
  • Security & cleaning management
  • Consultancy services including design, advice & property management audits
  • Advice on compliance with the condominium act
  • Private villa management services for individual owners

CB Richard Ellis provides services to the building or development through a mixture of directly employed on-site staff supported by specialist teams based at our head and branch offices. Using this structure, we have found that we can achieve economies of scale and at the same time provide support to our on-site teams.

We recruit an Estate Manager to be based on site who will be responsible for day-to-day operations of the property. She or he will be supervised by an office-based Property Manager.

We ensure that properties in our care are managed to international standards while minimising operational costs, and ensuring that both co-owners and occupiers are satisfied with the services.


Why Use CB Richard Ellis Property Management?

Experience: CB Richard Ellis has managed over 1 million sq.m. of space in Thailand over the past 22 years. With our extensive experience, we have developed solid responses to problem solving and systems and procedures that are suitable for use in this market. Our experience spans from managing residential properties to retail, offices and vacant land.

Transparent & Practical Solutions: In Phuket there are unfortunately a number of different ownership structures and complex management arrangements, many of which are far from ideal.

However, the fundamentals to good property management and running of a property is to ensure that the key issues which benefit the development as a whole, allow the development to function, improve the property are addressed and addressed in a transparent manner at the cheapest most practical cost.

Communication: Effective communication on a regular basis with owners is required to establish a good working relationship between the owners, committee and the property managers. CB Richard Ellis has built up a good track record of working closely with committees and owners and tackling real issues at each of the developments that we manage. We always act impartially, with our main objective being the development as a whole as opposed to individuals, and continually look to improve the function and aesthetics of the development.

Continuous Improvement: Owners who invest in Phuket not only want a project that functions but one that is continually improved and where their investments are protected and increase in value. CB Richard Ellis instill on our on-site property managers the importance of inspection, walking the site and looking for improvements that need to be carried out and areas that need to be addressed. Even the smallest items need to be addressed as they all form part of how the development is presented as a whole and will affect the rent-ability of the project and its capital values.

Problem Solving: In Phuket, CB Richard Ellis manages over 25 developments and has dealt with a wide range of problems such as setting up management companies and/or suitable entities for operating the common areas of a development, setting up the on-site management team, putting procedures/schedules/process in place,

budgeting and dealing with significant defect rectification issues including design problems, water & electricity issues, incomplete fire & safety systems, flooding (insufficient draining or ineffectual pumps), water preservation, termites infestations and major renovation works.

For more information, please contact

CB Richard Ellis Phuket
Tel: +66 (0) 76 239 967
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