Enjoy the Functionality of a Modern Kitchen in Bangkok

Enjoy the Functionality of a Modern Kitchen in Bangkok

The role of the kitchen has changed over the years. The kitchens of Bangkok used to be places where only food was prepared. They were often basic outdoor, functional kitchens where the world-famous ingredients of Thailand were chopped, diced, and ground in a mortar and pestle and where stand-alone gas burners were lit under great, charred woks to create the mouth-watering dishes that everyone loves.

Today, modern kitchens in Bangkok have to be much more versatile. They’re often seen in stylish suburban houses and high-rise condominiums that have become a feature of the city’s skyline. The kitchens are often used as a family meeting place at the beginning and end of the day. The kitchens also may be designed as a facet of a modern open-plan living and entertaining area. They may be used as warm and inviting social areas that serve double duty as the place to find something good to eat during special occasions.

Focus on Functionality
The kitchens have also evolved in design. Gone are the single-standing open gas burners of yesterday and rickety cabinets crammed with utensils, spices and cooking pots. Today, there’s a new focus on the functionality of the kitchen. A lot more attention is paid to the direction that cabinet doors open, so as not impede on the traffic flow of people trying to walk around the kitchen. Cabinets are also being designed for the items they’re meant to hold, to provide better use of available space.

You also see the floor plans of kitchens being given a lot more thought. Islands provide double duty as both a gathering place for friends and family, and as a cooking space that offers much more elbow room for one or more cooks to work in comfort. Dining areas are being incorporated into kitchens so the whole family can be together for meals.

Kitchens had often evolved to be the most social room in the home for active families. By studying the way multiple people use these family kitchens at the same time, designers have been able to incorporate the best ideas into the modern kitchen.

They studied the traffic patterns to work out the most efficient way to lay out tables, islands, and cabinets. They monitored appliance use to figure out the appliances that were used most often and make room for them on the countertops. They also incorporated better lighting and warmer, more inviting designs as the functional roles of the kitchens began to change to a combination of food prep and social interaction.

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