Tropical Design Master Martin Palleros Leads Phuket’s Landmark Project

Tropical Design Master Martin Palleros Leads Phuket’s Landmark Project

Internationally acclaimed Martin Palleros, founder and principal design director of Tierra Design has been appointed by pioneering property developer Amal Development to lead the design of Gardens of Eden, a new nature-inspired luxury destination in Phuket. The complex spans over 122,000 square metres of natural landscape, 70% of which is dedicated to parks, lakes and gardens, located 50 metres from Bang Tao Beach. Phase one containing 141 units will be launched in December this year.

Martin has won industry accolades for his work on world-class hotels, resorts and residences around the world since founding Tierra Design in Singapore in 1992. His repute stems from his enlightened approach in synergising human interaction with nature in the designs of his buildings. A fervent proponent of biophilic design, his mastery in creating a symbiotic relationship among form, function, nature and people has made him a highly-sought-after architect by international luxury developers.

“As an architect, my focus of attention is on the building. I look at the building as a sculpture. As a landscape architect, I look at the context and then, the space. So, it’s a different approach, and it changed the way I approach design,” says Palleros. “The goal is to create a good experience for the guest or resident as they navigate the spaces.”

With increasing global warming concerns, the importance of sustainable solutions has intensified, and so has the demand for Martin’s expertise in biophilic design, eco-friendly features and energy conservation solutions. His background in conventional architecture as well as landscape architecture has given him a unique perspective that has been invaluable in shaping his design approach, and the results have spoken for themselves. He has won accolades such as the latest Reggie Shiu Development of the Year Award for Andaz Bali at HICAP 2022.

Andaz Bali, which opened in 2021, was designed to mimic a traditional Balinese village that represents the epitome of modernity blended with cultural authenticity. Martin created a lush, tranquil environment with open, green courtyards and meandering pathways that heightened the sensorial experience of guests arriving at their villas. His work in Phuket includes the luxurious Twinpalms Residences Mont Azure and Twinpalms Resort Phuket, of which the latter picked up awards at Thailand Property Awards in 2017 for architectural design.

Martin’s momentum continues in Phuket with Eden Residences, housed within Gardens of Eden, an exclusive enclave of 141 beachfront residences comprising one- to three-bedroom apartments in single- and two-storey options as well as four-bedroom penthouses. It is currently in its first phase of construction. Gardens of Eden is envisioned as a natural haven befitting the luxury retreat lifestyle of Eden residents. It will feature amenities such as restaurants, an artisanal grocer’s market, a spa, a gym and hospitality services, among others, to offer health and wellness products and services.

Occupying 122,000 sqm of land, Gardens of Eden is a tropical playground for Martin to showcase his architectural and landscaping skills, honed with the likes of Kerry Hill before starting his own practice. It is a project like no other, with 70% of land area dedicated to natural open green spaces. Eden will be a tropical oasis in the true sense of the word, and one that is hard to find amongst the norm of high-density developments. It sets a precedence for condominium projects not only in Phuket, but globally.

Eden Residences offers the luxury of nature, and the green landscaping bears testimony to its claim by highlighting the richness and abundance of nature on a grandiose scale. Residents and visitors alike are invited to enjoy the organic flow of nature as they embrace the healing energy of green living.

“Luxury is about timeless spaces and creating a very strong relationship between architecture and nature, because that’s something that will never go out of fashion and it will always remain. The abundance of nature is increasingly becoming a rarity in our lives, and having the opportunity to live in close contact with nature is a form of luxury in itself, ” says Palleros.

Tierra Design aims to create memorable timeless spaces, orchestrated by a strong integration of architecture and landscape architecture that starts from the very beginning of the design process. Palleros adds, “The way we have designed Eden Residences is that the front faces the Andaman Sea, and the back faces a beautiful canal. Using these elements, we create a dialog by having the gardens and apartments in between to maximise the relationship with different aspects of nature.”

To further accentuate the design of Eden Residences, natural materials are used as part of the architecture to reinforce its connection with nature. Also, in line with its sustainable vision, carbon negative wood such as timber cladding and locally sourced granite stone are used as the main materials for the project.

Within the apartments, Eden Residences are complemented by the design of White Jacket, an award-winning design studio based in Singapore. The project is led by the White Jacket team in Bangkok. Known for its hospitality-related expertise, the studio’s stellar portfolio of world-class clients includes Naumi Hotel, JW Marriott, Rosewood Hotel Ningbo in China and Kimpton Naranta Bali in Indonesia.

Overseeing the phase 1 design of Eden Residences is founder Patricia Ho Douven who has caught the attention of hoteliers and developers with her bespoke interior designs. “We consistently prioritise space and a sense of place in the development of our interior designs and details. Our goal is to emphasise the strategic use of colour and texture in our feature walls, which serve as the core of our interior concepts,” says Ho Douven.

She added that the serenity and activity of Bang Tao Beach inspired White Jacket to incorporate elements representing local animals and culture in the design of bespoke furniture and accessories such as crafted artworks and decorative lighting. “Eden Residences is an inspiration for those who love to immerse themselves in nature and a sense of mindfulness, all while appreciating a fully functional, yet luxurious design style.”


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