Buy a House for Sale in Bangkok that Suits Your Lifestyle

Buy a House for Sale in Bangkok that Suits Your Lifestyle

Like most vast cities, Bangkok is, in reality, many small communities instead of one big city. Whether you’re relocating to the city for work, education, or to take advantage of new opportunities, the location you choose in Bangkok to buy a house for sale should support your interests and lifestyle, as well as your budget.

There are many pros and cons of buying a house in Bangkok. Whether or not you’ll be commuting, whether you need to be close to schools, and how close you need to be to the city centre are just some of the factors you need to take into consideration before putting down a sizable investment in your future.

Location is always one of the largest considerations when buying a home. In Bangkok, the daily traffic and congestion will play a large part in what location you’ll choose and the quality of the home you’ll be able to afford in your desired location.

Living Close to the City is Expensive
The rule in Bangkok is living close to the city’s central business areas can be expensive to the point of being prohibitive. Home prices are approximately THB 330,000 per square metre in prime areas of Bangkok. But spend a little time commuting into town, and you may pay only THB 120,000 per square meter.

The lifestyle of you and your family will, of course, have a bearing on the location you choose, but another alternative is to buy a home further from the city center but close to a BTS or MRT station.

As Bangkok’s rail transit improvements continue to affect property values, buyers are re-evaluating homes within easy access of public rail transportation.

Buy the Space You Need
Some buyers concentrate on buying the size lot they need and pay less attention to the home. If you find a desirable area with everything you and your family needs and you plan to reside there for the foreseeable future, focusing on the size of the lot may be a smart way to go about it. This is particularly true if the lot is in one of the lower-cost outlying areas.

A home can always be adapted to the size of the family living in it. Removing non-structural walls, adding windows to make rooms seem bigger, and raising rooflines help to expand a home’s comfort factor and make it more usable.

Buying a smaller home in an outlying area and renovating it to your specifications can be an inexpensive way to get the home of your dreams. As long as you’re willing to put up with living in a construction site for a while, it can be a winning decision.

There are many decisions to make in buying a house for sale in Bangkok. It can be a daunting undertaking once you fully realize all your options. To get some sound advice, make an appointment with a real estate agent for CBRE. They’ll help you focus on what’s important and help guide you to a home that you can afford and that you’ll be happy in for many years.

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