The Racha resort conservation and restoration Andaman sea by planting artificial reefs

The Racha resort conservation and restoration Andaman sea by planting artificial reefs

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Recently The Racha was involved in the conservation and restoration project of the Plabpla Gulf of the Andaman Sea (left side of Batok Bay).  Together with Phuket Marine and Coastal Resources Department coral reef restoration unit, the team led by Khun Pitoon Panchaipum (Director of Office), Marine staffs together with The Racha dive team, were involved in the planting of the artificial reef at the Plabpla Gulf, Koh Racha Yai, Phuket on 27 and 28 of February 2016.  The objective of this conservation project is to increase the corals growth in this part of Koh Racha Yai Island as recent studies shows that the coral reefs are threatened by many global-scale changes, including ocean acidification and warming, and stronger and more frequent storms that may occur as a result of climate change. To make reefs better able to withstand those global pressures, we work at the local scale—with communities—to address threats like water pollution, destructive fishing and unsustainable tourism. In areas with high-volume tourism, repeated direct contact with the reef poses an immediate threat. Hundreds of boat groundings and thousands of tourist interactions each year reduce sections of coral reef to rubble. Human contact also reduces coral’s ability to cope with stressors such as rising sea temperatures and diseases. Yet if tourism is managed in a way that protects the reef, it can offer great economic benefits to local communities. The benefits of sustainable tourism provides a powerful incentive for communities to protect their reef and its fish.  This project is in line with The Racha’s Corporate Social Responsibility, supported by Phuket Marine & Coastal Department.


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