Bangkok Airways launches new routes from Trat to Phuket

bangkok airways

Bangkok Airways will launch Trat – Samui and Trat – Phuket (via Samui) routes to connect Thailand’s western seaside to southern seaside destinations starting from 2 December 2010 onwards. The new flights will be operating 4 flights weekly.

“We believe the connection between Thailand’s popular seaside destinations, Trat – Samui and Trat – Phuket, will stimulate the tourism in the western provinces of Thailand, and to offer a shortcut to the tourists so they travel less time, without passing through Bangkok. At the same time, to offer a distribution channel to the agriculture business in the region,” said M.L. Nandhika Varavarn, Vice President, Corporate Communications.

Bangkok Airways will be operating flights Trat – Samui and Trat – Phuket (via Samui) on 4 flights weekly (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday) by 70 seated ATR72 type aircraft.

For more information and reservations, please contact Tel: 02-270-6699 or Call Center 1771 or visit

Time table for Trat – Samui and Trat – Phuket

Trat – Samui Dep. Arr. Samui – Trat Dep. Arr.
PG261 16.15 17.30 PG260 14.20 15.40
Trat – Phuket Dep. Arr. Phuket – Trat Dep. Arr.
PG261 16.15 19.10 PG260 12.55 15.40

Operates every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday


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