White and Trendy Coffee Bar @ Thonglor, Phuket

Picture sitting in a comfy chair & hugging various soft cushions with your friends or lover surrounded by stylish junk decoration, soft yellow light, Boss Nova songs, cups of coffees or smoothies, appetizers, and happily laughing!

An over-indulgent imagination perhaps, but it’s no exaggeration to state that “Thonglor Coffee Bar”, situated on Yaowarat Rd, can titillate even the most dormant mind and more importantly, taste bud.

Khun Tong, the owner of Thonglor Coffee Bar told us about the inspiration of his place, “I like white colour. It refers to something relax. Personally I like junk style and I want to add scent of oldies in my restaurant.”

“It’s good if we can do both coffee shop and bar in the same place. Then Thonglor Coffee Bar is existed.” added him.

Recommended menu: Khao Na Moo Phad (Deep Fried Golden Pork Stick), Kung Nung Ma-now (Steamed squid with spicy lemonade sauce), En Krabueng Andaman (Shrimp chopped fired with egg and seaweed), Shrimp Spaghettis

Recommended beverage: Caramel Cappuccino, Green Tea Late blend, Strawberry Smoothies, Italian Soda Kiwi

All I know now, Thonglor Coffee Bar is worth a visit. Two thumbs up!

Open daily except Sunday from 11.00 am – 12.00 pm

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