Visit the Tiger Kingdom in Phuket to See Tigers Up Close

Visit the Tiger Kingdom in Phuket to See Tigers Up Close

With the plight of wild, big cats a hot topic in the news, everyone has to make up their own mind about visiting these types of tiger attractions in Thailand. One of them in Kanchanaburi province was closed a few years ago when the authorities discovered tigers were being sold into the Chinese traditional medicine trade. But the Tiger Kingdom in Phuket is one attraction where you can see many tigers up close, have your picture taken with them, pet them, and even feed tiger cubs.

Tiger conservation is one of the world’s worries as the wild habitat for most of the tiger species all over the world is slowly shrinking due to agriculture, habitat encroachment and development. The attractions owners have a breeding program to help the conservation of the species.

These types of attractions can pave the way for people who have never seen a live tiger up close to gain an appreciation for them. In seeing these magnificent animals up close, tourists can develop empathy for them and want to conserve them for future generations.

Choice of Programs

At the Tiger Kingdom in Phuket, the tigers are not drugged, nor are they in chains. They are in small cages for the duration of the tourist visits after which they are said to have access to a larger enclosure on the property where they can socialize and play.

Visitors can choose from just a general admission or a series of programs that allow you to interact with the tigers. The park offers several different programs, depending on the size of the cats. Tourists who want the experience of interacting with tiger cubs are among the most popular options, and this program charges the most at 1,400 THB. Small and medium tigers cost 1,000 THB, and the big tiger program costs 1,100 THB.

You are also given the choice of being able to visit with multiple tigers. A visit with both a big or medium tiger as well as a tiger cub costs 1,500 THB. An interaction with a big or medium tiger, a small tiger and a tiger cub costs 2,500 THB. For those who can’t get enough of tigers, you can choose the Take 4 program for 3,100 THB, in which you’ll be able to visit with a big, medium, small and, of course, a tiger cub.

Tour Schedules and Things to Know

You also have a choice of when you visit Tiger Kingdom in Phuket. Tours are scheduled for 9 AM, 11 AM and 2 PM. But the park is open from 9 AM to 6 PM.

Visitors to the park must be fit and healthy to interact with the tigers. They must be able to squat and stand up quickly. All the programs last about ten minutes. There are photographers on hand at the park who can take pictures for people who don’t have a camera.

The tigers at the park have all been born in captivity and hand-raised. They are used to being around people. For people who have never experienced the awe and wonder of being up close to these lords of the jungle, this is your chance.

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