The 8th Thailand Tourism Awards 2010 calls for entries

TAT calls Phuket’s entrepreneurs to participate its project called “Kinnari Awards”.

Thailand Tourism Awards project was initiated by TAT since 1996. The project will be organised biannually as part of the TAT effort to bring forward the prosperity of Thailand’s tourism to meet international standards.

Consisting of 5 categories including Tourist Attractions, Tourist Accommodation, Tour Programmes, Tourism Development and Promotion Organisations, and Medical Tourism, the awards will be given to those who have excellence in tourism and hospitality operations. The award not only brings operators pride but it also help increase its credibility among both domestic and international tourists.

Interested people are invited to join the project. Submission is now open for both Government organizations and private sector until 15 January 2010. The result will be announced on World Tourism Day September 27, 2010.

For further details, contact Services Promotion Division, Product Promotion Department, Tourism Authority of Thailand Tel: 02-2505500 ext. 4495 – 4498, E-mail:


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